High-tech meditation


What do you think meditation is? Is it:

  • Sitting without movement, without thinking, keeping your mind empty.
  • Repeating a word, phrase or mantra over and over again.
  • Focusing on the flame of a candle, without blinking. This really is not meditation but concentration.

There are many forms of meditation. Each form has different effects. Some forms are difficult to start with, others are easy. You should find the form that is suitable for you.


is a form of meditation with the objective to transform yourself. You re-create yourself during a trance. A trance is NOT a state of oblivion, you do not forget about yourself. It is just an alternate state of consciousness. When you sit in a train or car (as a passenger) and you stare out of the window, most likely you are in a kind of trance. When you are daydreaming, you are in a kind of trance.


Develop your emotional intelligence



TRANCE-FORMATION uses visualization. You imagine things. You imagine, that you are walking in a forest. Or you imagine yourself in a confrontation with your boss, you visualize his/her behaviour and you program a desired response to your boss with visualization.

Extend your set of behaviour-patterns

During your upbringing you copy some behaviour-patterns from parents, teachers and peers. If you stop developing yourself, you get stuck with this limited set of patterns. TRANCE-FORMATION can help you to develop and program other patterns. You can upgrade old patterns or create completely new patterns.

During social encounters you don't think. If your boss is shouting at you, you don't take half an hour to come up with an appropriate response. You give a standard response, you choose one of your pre-programmed behaviour-patterns. If you have only one pattern, knocking your boss to the ground for example, you are in trouble. If you have a large set of patterns, you can choose the pattern, that suits you the best.

TRANCE-FORMATION is a form of meditation that you can use to extend your set of behaviour-patterns. You do this with visualization. And it can be applied to everything: your behaviour at work, behaviour towards parents and/or children, behaviour towards a lover, sexual behaviour, behaviour while driving a car, etc. When you extend your set of behaviour patterns, you develop your emotional intelligence and your social capabilities.


Why you should use a good stereo headphone


High-tech meditation

A TRANCE-FORMATION is most likely a stereo-audio recording, but it can also be video or dolby-surround or something like that. I will present it here as stereo-audio.

A TRANCE-FORMATION has a foreground and a background.

On the foreground you can hear a voice, giving you suggestions, asking questions, stimulate you to visualize certain things in a suggestive manner. The voice creates a structure, you supply the content of your TRANCE-FORMATION. Although the audio-file will remain the same, your TRANCE-FORMATION will be different every time you do it. You do not simply listen to a TRANCE-FORMATION, you DO a TRANCE-FORMATION. It is an active process. The more active and attentive you are, the better the results.

On the background you can hear all kinds of relaxing sounds: ocean waves, streaming water, birds, crickets, etc.

Differential beat or binaural beat

Beneath these sounds is a regular pulse in stereo-format. The left sound has a different sound than the right sound. The frequency-difference is called differential beat or binaural beat. Within these two sounds there is another frequency, that can be the same as the differential frequency, or it can have another frequency. Each of the two sounds is composed of several sinus-waves, ranging from 24 Hz to 21.000 Hz. The high frequencies do other things with your brain than the low frequencies.

These two sounds are calculated with a computer-program, that I wrote for this purpose. The information written to CD is perfect, but the rotation of the CD-player can deviate a little, causing a slight imperfection in the sound.

A TRANCE-FORMATION as an mp3-file is often played on a computer with a very accurate clock. Then the frequency of the differential beat will be accurate to more than 0,001 hz.

Use a very good stereo headphone

A TRANCE-FORMATION deserves a very good stereo headphone. You can do a TRANCE-FORMATION with any sound device. It does not make much difference for the foreground. But if you want the full benefit of the computer-generated background-sound, you have to use a good stereo headphone.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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