What is the best way to TRANCE-FORM?

Sit down or lie down comfortably and put on the stereo headphones. Start the TRANCE-FORMATION. Listen carefully to the voice and let yourself be carried away. It is not necessary to imagine everything in scents and colors. Some people are visually oriented and SEE immediately what is being said. Other people are "kinesthetic." They sense in their body a reaction to the voice. Just let the TRANCE-FORMATION come over you. Repeat the TRANCE-FORMATIONS regularly. And don't worry about the results. They come naturally.

A TRANCE-FORMATION can be seen as an active meditation. During many forms of meditation, the aim is to completely empty yourself or to calm your mind. That is definitely NOT the intention with TRANCE-FORMATION. With TRANCE-FORMATION you bring your body to rest and you relax your body as much as possible. You can do this in any position you want: lying down, sitting, in lotus position, as long as the position is easy and can be maintained for a long time. If you get a cramp somewhere after 10 minutes, you have chosen the wrong position.

During such a TRANCE-FORMATION you will actively imagine things. In some cases you can also make movements with your hands and arms to enhance the effect of the TRANCE-FORMATION. Or you can move around. See below under psychodrama.

It is important to be comfortably during a TRANCE-FORMATION. Preferably relaxed. But relaxation is not essential. Once you are in a TRANCE-FORMATION, more relaxation will naturally follow. It is more important that you stay awake during the TRANCE-FORMATION. If you doze off lying down, try a sitting position. You can also say to yourself at the beginning of a TRANCE-FORMATION:

I remain clear and aware throughout this TRANCE-FORMATION. I do everything consciously. This is my Will. So be it!


TRANCE-FORMATION can be seen as mental fitness training. Or as 'mind-building' like 'body-building'. The aim is to make your mind strong, flexible and controlled. If you TRANCE-FORM every day for a year, you will be a completely different person after that year.


TRANCE-FORM in a quit environment:

TRANCE-FORMING is best done alone. Or if you TRANCE-FORM together with a group of people. See below TRANCE-FORMATION in a group. It is difficult to TRANCE-FORM when children or your partner are walking back and forth or looking at you. Find a space where you can be alone. Choose a time when your environment is calm. And turn off the phone. Make sure you are not disturbed during your TRANCE-FORMATION.


Use stereo headphones:

Most TRANCE-FORMATIONS work best with stereo headphones. In addition to the spoken voice on the foreground, you hear a soft rhythmic sound. This sound massages your brain and helps you relax. The frequency of the sound depends on the chakra. In the first four lessons we work on the physical plane and use a frequency for the rootchakra. The next part with a frequency for the sex chakra. Etcetera.

The TRANCE-FORMATIONS have a special background sound, which has been created by a specially developed computer program. This background sound is a hifi stereo signal, with sine tones up to 22,000 Hz. The left part of the stereo signal has a different frequency than the right part. Depending on the TRANCE-FORMATION, this difference frequency can be 3 to 12 Hz. When you listen to a TRANCE-FORMATION with stereo headphones, your brain responds to this difference in frequency. This is often called: Binaural Beat. I prefer to call it Differential Beat. The difference frequency is tuned to the chakra that is being worked on. Your brain tends to vibrate at this frequency. This creates a different state of consciousness, in which you can easily TRANCE-FORM.

  • I use a different frequency for each chakra. Together, the nine chakras form one octave. The frequencies of the chakras are very carefully calculated with a computer program.

  • Because the tones are so precise, the chakras begin to resonate with these tones. Thus, the background of a TRANCE-FORMATION stimulates the chakras with sound and raises them through resonance. This makes the mind smooth and energetic.

How often should you TRANCE-FORM?

It helps you a lot when you do one TRANCE-FORMATION every day, preferably always at the same time. At the beginning of a new lesson, we do a different TRANCE-FORMATION every day. Once we have completed all the TRANCE-FORMATIONS of that lesson, we will start from the beginning. After we've done all the TRANCE-FORMATIONS a few times, you can choose which TRANCE-FORMATION works best for you. If you can't choose, just keep doing them in the same order. We do this for a month.


Can you skip once in a while?

No you can not. I'll be watching you. If you skip once, I will whip your ass! LOL!

Of course you can. You are responsible for your own life. But try to make it a regular habit to do a TRANCE-FORMATION every day. Then you can occasionally make an exception and take a day off. Take this course and yourself seriously. Once it becomes a habit to TRANCE-FORM at the same time every day, it becomes a tremendous force for good in your life. You form a good habit that gives your life stability and peace. This way you get a flexible, strong and vital mind.

When you are ill or if you have a headache you might be tempted to skip the TRANCE-FORMATION. Do what is good for you. When I have a severe headache, I use ibuprofen. I noticed that about an hour after taking Ibuprofen I get very relaxed and in a state where TRANCE-FORMATION goes a lot better. Do NOT take Ibuprofen for better TRANCE-FORMATION. You should not use it when you do not really need it. But when you take it, you might take advantage of it and do a TRANCE-FORMATION. But you have to watch yourself. Your body is different from mine. So you should observe your own body and it responses and take full responsibility. You should decide when to TRANCE-FORM and when to take a break. You should be the master of your own life.


Can you also do two TRANCE-FORMATION per day?

If you have the time and feel comfortable doing it, you may do two or even more TRANCE-FORMATIONS per day. But beware of exaggeration. TRANCE-FORMATION is NOT intended as an escape from earthly reality.



If you do the same TRANCE-FORMATION with a few people at the same time, you usually get better results. And: the larger the group, the more group energy and the better the results. That is why I advise you to form a study group. For example, you can get together with some friends once a week to do a TRANCE-FORMATION together and to exchange experiences. Then you can learn from each other and encourage each other.


TRANCE-FORMATION as psycho-drama:

Some TRANCE-FORMATIONS can be done while you move around. When you do a TRANCE-FORMATIONS with visualizations of movement, you can also move around and involve your body. This can make the TRANCE-FORMATION more effective. Try different forms of TRANCE-FORMATION and you will find out what works for you.

Some TRANCE-FORMATIONS can also be done as a psycho-drama or as a magical ritual. You can walk around your room and visualize things. Visualizing actually comes down to: Pretending. Imagine that a god or goddess descends before you. You don't have to imagine everything in scents and colors and in all details. You can, but it is not necessary. You can simply pretend that a divine form descends before you. And then you have a psychic interaction with that.

wikipedia on psychodrama.

If you're going to walk around in your room, it might be wise to make sure neighbors don't see you. If you are seen talking to 'invisible persons', then they may think that you are mentally unwell. That can seriously harm you socially.



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