Who is Firewolf?


Birth and upbringing

I was born on 28th September 1961 in the Netherlands. My parents were not sane. In 1966 a psychiatrist diagnosed my mother as 'psychotic and unfit to raise children'. My father defied diagnosis, but the psychiatrist stated his believe, that he was more detrimental for me and my siblings than my mother.

In 1969, the state put me in a home for children, run by the state. It was a decent home, with good care and excellent education. In 1972 I was put under the care of my mother. She was still unfit to raise children. It was not pleasant.

I left home at the age of 17 and never returned. A month before I was 18 I got a rental apartment from the state. Here I could find piece and heal myself. It took me a lot of years to repair the damage that had been caused by my parents.


Spiritual training and education

In 1974, just before my 13th birthday, I came in contact with Mazda-znan, some form of Persian yoga. I became a vegetarian and started with yoga breath-exercises and meditation.


Since 1974 I practice meditations and breath-exercises for many hours a day.

I can testify, that it helps you to sanitize, heal and strengthen your mind, body and soul. In the western world many people devote a lot of time to body-building. It would be better if people would start 'mind-building' with the same rigour.


At a Mazda-znan course I met a person, who was member of an ancient order, that claimed to go back to the order of Melchizedek. I became a member of this order and I was trained to become a high priest. This is something that that order has done often in the past centuries. They recruit a young boy, give him an excellent training and then send him into common society to renew spiritual teachings. When the training is complete, they cut all ties with the apprentice. The apprentice only meets old members of the order, that are expected to die quit soon after the training is complete. In this way, the order has avoided persecution throughout the centuries.

When I was 14 or 15 years old I found a book of Paul Brunton 'The Secret Path'. This gave me new insight. In Mazda-znan and in the secret order it is assumed that everyone has a divine spark in his/her heart. This 'god in your heart' can guide you through live if you care to listen to it. Paul Brunton wrote about meditations to establish a permanent connection with this 'god in your heart'. He calls this 'the overself'.


Scientific education

In western society there are many prejudices about spiritual people. We are supposed to be irrational, superstitious and unscientific. I have noticed that most people who use the word "science" do not understand the basic principles of science. 'Science' has become a verbal weapon against everything that goes beyond the physical dimension.

Many people find it difficult to understand that I am a scientific person and a spiritual person. That does not fit in with the image of the world that people create in their minds. Because I do not fit in their minds, it is easier to deny my existence. Someone like me is impossible, so I do not exist, seems to be the attitude of many people in the Netherlands.

When I was in the children's home, I became interested in alchemy and chemistry. I borrowed books from the public library on these subjects. And I was allowed to buy a chemistry box for children and do experiments. I was about eight or nine years old then. When I was with my mother, she was friends with a young couple. The husband of the couple worked in a laboratory. He noticed my interest in chemistry and helped me build a laboratory in the attic. I bought more and more equipment and chemicals. Looking back, it is strange that I was allowed to do this. I was then between 12 and 17 years old. And I worked without any supervision with dangerous chemicals such as concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. There were no alarms from my guardianship association or teachers at school.

I also studied electronics. At that time there were many 'electronics boxes' for young people with all kinds of experiments. I had a lot of fun building analogue radio equipment.

When I was 15 I had it with school. I produced a rebuttal of Einstein and nobody had any idea what I was talking about. (See: Rebuttal of Einstein.) So I decided to train myself. I started a psychology study and continued with physics and chemistry. I read a lot of books about the brain, neurology and endocrinology. Endocrine glands produce hormones that affect the nervous system and our mind. I also studied Freud and Jung. I have tried Adler, but Freud and Adler are mutually exclusive. Then I read a letter from Jung, in which he 'explained' the same patient with Freudian psychology and with Adlerian psychology. Jungian psychology was more suitable for me than Freud, so I dropped Freud. And I combined Jungian psychology with behaviorism and transpersonal psychology.



I left the house in 1978 when I was seventeen. And I never went back. It is not possible to "walk the spiritual path" and stay in your village or in your family. If you want to transform yourself, you must break the bond with your past.

My guardianship association tried to keep me under control. I asked the judge for another guardianship association. I signed an agreement with this guardianship association. I would be treated like an adult. If I needed something, I would contact the guardianship association. This has worked out well.

Until 1983 I continued my self-study and developed all kinds of skills. I became a silversmith and carpenter. I cooked in a vegetarian restaurant and worked in an organic grocery store.

In 1979 I followed a Silva Mind Control course. That was exactly what I needed. In 1981 I made two trips to London for advanced seminars, which deepened my understanding. Before that, I already had experience with self hypnosis. Silva Mind Control gave me much more insight and new perspectives.

As a result of the Silva training I started experimenting with mind machines. I had studied auto-didactic analogue and digital electronics. With a 555-IC I made a machine that could deliver signals in a controllable frequency. I passed these signals on to a pair of LEDs in swimming goggles and two brass electrodes, which I connected to my ankles. An electrical signal went through my body and at the same time light flashed in the swimming goggles in the same hypnotic frequency. Much later these machines came from the US as brain machines and as TENS equipment.

At the same time (1979-1983) I made meditations on cassette tapes, which I used in combination with the mind-machine.

During my youth I was badly damaged. When I was 20, I asked for psychoanalysis to transform my past. After an evaluation, the psychoanalytical institute Amsterdam dismissed treatment. They believed that my psychological foundation was too badly damaged and they believed that in-depth treatment was too dangerous. So I turned my back on regular psychotherapy and developed a better and more effective system. I call this system TRANCE-FORMATION.


From November 1983 to February 1984, I followed a four-month training as a computer system administrator. Then I became a support supervisor at a computer dealer for about a year. At the end of 1985 I became an analyst and programmer at a large bank. At the same time I studied at the Open University Computer Science.


Nul-A: Non-Aristotelian semantics

As a teenager, I read a lot of science fiction books. De Nul-A books by Van Vogt were one of my favorites. In 1984 I got a serious job and I could afford to buy 'Science and Sanity'. This book is by Alfred Korzybski, the founder of Non-Aristotelian semantics. The Nul-A training in this book is in line with the ideas of Paul Brunton (see above) and my mind control training.

Download Science and sanity.


The International Theosophical Center Naarden (ITC)

Around 1981 I became associated with The International Theosophical Centre. I became a volunteer. At the end of 1986 I worked as a volunteer at an old empty house of the ITC. It had to be thoroughly renovated. At that time I lived in Rotterdam, where I did not have the right conditions for meditation and TRANCE-FORMATION. It was too noisy, there were too many people. I needed solitude. This house was ideal for peace and solitude. It was located in the forest of Naarden, the nearest neighbors were a few hundred meters away and there was little or no traffic. I asked if I could rent it and that was possible. I could rent it from April 1, 1987. But because the situation was so bad, in March 1987 I got the key to the house so that I could start renovating before I moved.

During my youth I was badly damaged. To cure myself, I have created a system that I call TRANCE-FORMATION. See above. The house in the forest was ideal for TRANCE-FORMATION and healing. I lived there until December 1, 1999.

The first day I stepped into the house, I was visited by one of the board members of the ITC. She demanded that I would leave the house so that her friend could live there. I refused. From that day on she started a smear campaign and a hate campaign against me. A year later she got help from other board members and other people who wanted me to leave. I believe they were under the influence of real evil.


March 1988. I had read about the ancient Germanic initiation of the Ulf-hedh-nar, a group of shamans. I decided to initiate myself as the Ulf-hedh-nar did. Or as good as possible. The Ulf-hedh-nar were hung in a tree for nine days in a leather sack. The sack resembles the womb of Mother Earth. You die symbolically in that sack. And you are reborn as a new being, a shaman. I could not hang myself in a tree. That would attract too much attention. So I hung myself in a leather sack in my house and hung there for nine days. I can not publish what I have experienced. I became a different person. This initiation broke the link with my past. I was really reborn.


When people read this, there is a first reaction: This is insane. It is not insane, but SCIENCE. I read about the initiation and I tested its accuracy.

The old Germanic peoples had different types of Shamans. The Ulf-hedh-nar had the wolf as a power animal. (Ulf means wolf.) They are the original werewolves. The Bersekr's had the bear as power animal. (Ber means bear.) They were initiated by burying them in a burial mound for nine days. These ancient peoples knew what they were doing!



After that initiation my life has changed completely. I stopped working as a computer analyst and programmer. And I have spent all my time on the development of TRANCE-FORMATION, Ygg-drasil and since 1992 on the Circle of Light and Love. I have educated many people to a master level, so that they could start their own circle. But only five did that.



The secret order that initiated me also taught me a lot about the shamanic practices and mythology of old Germanic peoples. From 1979 to 1993 I seriously studied the old people of Northern Europe. Most interesting to me were the myths about the tree of the worlds: Ygg-drasil.

In 1988 I started making the course Ygg-drasil. Ygg-drasil is the world tree. It has three roots and a stem. These four parts represent the four elements. Each of the roots and the trunk have a number of worlds that correspond to the chakras. The Ygg-drasil course is a guided journey through your mind. You could see it as a Jungian journey. You meet many archetypes and you trance-form these archetypes. (TRANCE-FORMATION means: transforming yourself into a state of trance.)




The current version of Ygg-drasil consists of 96 TRANCE-FORMATIONS of 30 - 35 minutes. Currently they are only available in Dutch. I work on the translation in English.

These TRANCE-FORMATIONS are a tour through the deepest layers of the collective unconscious mind. See: Collective unconscious.



Chakra development and spiritual healing

At the end of 1990 I developed the courses Chakra Development and Spiritual Healing. With Chakra Development you learn meditations for the chakras to develop and heal them. With Spiritual Healing you learn to use your chakras to heal the spirit, soul and aura of other people by using the power of your own chakras.

In 1991 I gave many of these courses in hotels in the Netherlands. But in 1991 the Theosophical Society discovered what I was doing and they started a smear campaign. At the end of 1991 I had to stop organizing these courses because of this campaign.


Called by 'God'

On December 23, 1991, I performed a shamanic ritual. I went through 'the roof of the world' and met 'God'. "God" appeared as a huge old and wise father who greeted me in a fatherly way. He took me in his arms and gave me new energy. Then he gave me a thick book and sent me back to earth. This book symbolizes the new religion. "God" has appointed me as his prophet to proclaim this new religion.

The Circle of Light and Love

So 'God' gave me 'a book with the new religion'. But the pages were empty. The book is a symbol. I received the basic principles. But I had to translate these principles into actual education. That is what I have been doing since 1991.

After this vision I started the Circle of Light and Love.

  • THE Circle of Light and Love is an abstraction, it is not realized in physical reality.

  • A Circle of Light and Love is an organization of one or more people who form a group and who try to bring these basic principles into an active force. A Circle of Light and Love is derived from THE (abstract) Circle of Light and Love. A concrete Circle of Light and Love is created by realizing the principles on earth.


Religion's age. Judaism was very modern 4500 years ago. But now the orthodox Jews are far behind. Christianity was very modern around 100 AD. Now it is hopelessly old-fashioned. The same applies to Islam. The more a belief clings to old texts, the more difficult the followers change and the more they fall behind.

We are no longer nomadic shepherds. The old beliefs do not fit in the new era. You can keep the good elements of old beliefs, but the structure of ancient beliefs and the dogmas of ancient beliefs are blockades on the road to enlightenment and renewal. The new era requires a new faith. "God" has asked me to offer this new faith. That happens entirely without enforcement. We must completely oppose enforced conversion, as happened with the old religions. The following applies to the new faith: "Take it or leave it."

The religions before Judaism were not centralized. There were local temples of a deity with a few priests. There was no power structure. With the advent of Judaism, religion became a power structure. Christianity and Islam took over the structure of Judaism. Religion was organized around power centres: synagogues, churches and mosques.

The new religion has no power structure. There are autonomous Circles of Light and Love. Firewolf provides insights and recommendations, but these are not mandatory. Every Circle of Light and Love determines its own rules, its own commandments, its own faith, and so forth. The Circles of Light and Love are not connected through a power structure, but through meridians of Light and Love. Different circles work together with other circles that have similar ideals. This cooperation is a free choice.

Circles of Light and Love exist on the basis of three principles: freedom, peace and friendship. Bringing these three basic principles into harmony is the task of every Circle of Light and Love. These basic principles often collide with each other. Maximum freedom is at the expense of peace and friendship. Absolute peace is at the expense of freedom and friendship. Unlimited friendship is at the expense of freedom and peace. Again and again one must find the balance between these three principles.

The old beliefs are organized hierarchically around a synagogue, a church or a mosque. There are old men who like to play boss and supporters who have to serve. That sounds like a chimpanzee culture. There you also have bossy males. The big difference with chimpanzees is this: Chimpanzees have the intelligence to drive away old males and replace them with less old males. Many people kneel before sexually frustrated old men and live according to their laws and rules.

The old religions have been developed and are being maintained by old men. Old men are less interested in sex. The creations of these old men therefore have a strong prejudice against sex. If you ask a boy of eighteen years to give the basic principles of a new religion, he will probably start with: "You will have a lot of sex." Because of the strong bias against sex, the old religions have problems with sexuality. The new religion needs to correct that.

The new religion is structured as Circles of Light and Love.

A Circle of Light and Love is free and autonomous. The members of a circle decide for themselves how they live and what they believe. And a Circle of Light and Love is in principle democratic. A Circle of Light and Love functions more or less as a cell, with the master (male or female) as a cell nucleus. All Circles of Light and Love together form an intelligent organism. They are organically connected.

A Circle of Light and Love is:

  • A group of people who want to create a good and healthy environment with spiritual power;

    • You can also create a Circle of Light and Love from one person. It is not necessary to meet regularly with several people. You can only TRANCE FORMER. And with attention and dedication you create an atmosphere of light and love around you. In articles I speak of several people.

  • An energy point on the earth. On the human body are acupoints, which are used in acupuncture and shiatsu. A Circle of Light and Love is in fact an acupoint on the earth. When the Circles of Light and Love connect with each other, there are meridians of Light and Love. Through these meridians Good Thoughts, Good Feelings, Good Words and Good Works can spread and contribute to the healing of Mother Earth.



In the late nineties it was time for a change.

During the nineties, the International Theosophical Centre constantly harassed me with smear campaigns and lawsuits to drive me away. In January 1999 there was still a lawsuit. The judge called on both parties to negotiate an agreement. Previously I had already offered to leave if they would pay me 25,000 guilders (about 12,000 dollar) for the costs of relocation. In January 1999 they agreed. I received my 'amicable' settlement and I agreed that I would leave the house at the end of 1999. On 1 December 1999 I moved to a house next to a farm with dairy cattle. It was acceptable, but not as quiet as my home in Naarden.

I had to go back to a normal job. So I returned to programming and teaching IT. I worked for an IT school as a Visual Basic programmer and as a teacher. Later, I worked as a database consultant. At the same time, I picked up my IT study at the Open University.


Hungry Wolf

I was unemployed at the end of 2004. I could get a job as a C ++ programmer in the north-east of the Netherlands. I accepted that job and bought a house at the Hungry Wolf. It is a small neighbourhood in the far north-east of the Netherlands, close to the German border. Here I was able to complete my training and education as a shaman and yoga master.

The house I bought was cheap and had to be renovated. That was exactly what I wanted. The details of this house and the renovation can be found at Dutch weblog.

The first thing we did was planting fruit trees and fruit shrubs. Now (2018) we annually harvest about 200 kg of fruit.


Master's degree

If you want to become a master of the Circle of Light and Love, you can contact me for special training sessions. During these sessions you will learn:

  • Rituals to create a Circle of Light and Love and to cleanse your circle.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS (guided visualizations) to transform your 'lower self', your personality and your ego.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS (guided visualizations) to heal and transform your chakras.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS (guided visualizations) that teach you how to use the energy of your chakras to heal and initiate others.


As master of the Circle of Light and Love you can create your own circle and dedicate your friends.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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I did more than that. With LSD, elaborate initiation rituals and TRANCE-FORMATION I went down under my foundation and all the way down to the deepest parts of the Collective Unconscious.

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