Hidden costs of oil

Ban carbon-based cars by 2015

Update 2013

In the article below I am positive about windmills. I changed my mind about windmills on land. They are instruments for genocide against bats and are bad for the environment. The lungs of bats are sensitive for air-pressure. Large wind-mills cause large fluctuations of air-pressure and tear the lungs of bats. They die from suffocation and internal bleeding. Bats only have one young per year. That is why windmills on the land are extremely bad for bats. They can cause extinction in areas with a number of large windmills.


German Wind Farms Can Kill Bats from Near and Far, Research Suggests

How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds?

Besides the bad influence on bats windmills are also bad for people. According to the article Wind Turbine Syndrome What's It All About?:

"What has been demonstrated by those working in the field is that changes do occur in people living even 5km (3 miles) from turbines. A sleep disturbance general physical and mental well-being study by Dr Michael Nissenbaum showed effects on sleep and mood that were present decreasing in proportion to the distance from the wind turbines. It was thought 5km would be a control distance - but it proved to still show changes. "

Suppose the USA, Canada, the European Union and Japan would ban cars on carbon-based fuels (diesel, gasoline, etc.) by 2015 and would only allow new cars running on electricity (Lithium-ion batteries) or hydrogen. And that these countries would not place demands on the carbon-based cars in the next 7 years. Car-manufacturers can then focus on electric and hydrogen cars. In the next 7 years the carbon-based cars would fall behind. In 2014 the majority of new cars would be hydrogen or electric cars. From 2015 all new cars would be hydrogen or electric, by 2020 most cars would be hydrogen or electric and by 2025 carbon-based cars would be rare. That means: by 2020 we would have clean air in the cities.

Changing to electric and hydrogen cars comes with a price-tag. But it has advantages to.

If the developed countries produce windmills and solar cells as much as they can, it would become difficult to handle the changes in output of these devices. However, it is easy to produce equipment to produce hydrogen from water that only work when there is much electricity on the net. The cars of the future could run on hydrogen that is produced at moments when there is a lot of wind-energy and/or solar energy.

Oil is very expensive

In some situations it is already cost-effective to have cars running on hydrogen. Gasoline or diesel has to be transported to a gas-station. If a gas-station produces it's on hydrogen with a wind-mill, there are no transportation-costs. If the distance between a gas-station and a port is large, transportation-costs become high. In such situations hydrogen from wind-energy can compete with gasoline.

Wind-energy and solar-energy is judged to be more expensive than oil-energy. But that is a matter of calculation. Our current oil-based economy has a lot of costs, that are not included in the calculation.

  • 9/11, Iraq and terrorism are caused by the oil-based economy. If you include these costs in the oil-energy, and you add the costs of the military-economy, the price of oil becomes a lot higher.
  • The climate-change, the costs of floods, the costs of higher levees and dikes should be added to the price of oil.
  • Pollution in the cities brings all kinds of costs related to health. These costs should be added to the price of oil.

If you add all hidden costs to the price of oil, then you realize, that oil is already much more expensive than wind-energy or solar-energy.

If we want clean air and a stable world without terror, we should do something about our oil-addiction.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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