Oil price and war on CO2

Hydrogen production against peak-electricity

Update 2013

In the article below I am positive about windmills. I changed my mind about windmills on land. They are instruments for genocide against bats and are bad for the environment. The lungs of bats are sensitive for air-pressure. Large wind-mills cause large fluctuations of air-pressure and tear the lungs of bats. They die from suffocation and internal bleeding. Bats only have one young per year. That is why windmills on the land are extremely bad for bats. They can cause extinction in areas with a number of large windmills.


German Wind Farms Can Kill Bats from Near and Far, Research Suggests

How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds?

Besides the bad influence on bats windmills are also bad for people. According to the article Wind Turbine Syndrome What's It All About?:

"What has been demonstrated by those working in the field is that changes do occur in people living even 5km (3 miles) from turbines. A sleep disturbance general physical and mental well-being study by Dr Michael Nissenbaum showed effects on sleep and mood that were present decreasing in proportion to the distance from the wind turbines. It was thought 5km would be a control distance - but it proved to still show changes. "

Suppose all developed countries would place photo-voltaic solar-energy systems and wind-energy systems as much as they can and as fast as they can.

At first glance you might expect troubles with electric energy. One moment there is a huge amount of electricity (because the wind increases), a few hours later there is not enough electric energy because there is not enough wind or clouds block the sunlight. Is it really difficult to manage the irregular output of solar-energy systems and wind-energy systems? There is a practical solution.

Suppose electric companies would install at gas-stations equipment to produce hydrogen from water using electric energy. When there is a surplus of electric energy (from solar-systems or windmills for example) the hydrogen production units start making hydrogen. When there is less electric energy available (because the sun goes down or there is less wind) the hydrogen production units stop. The electric companies would sell this hydrogen directly to the gas-stations.

Solution to many problems

In theory, it is quite easy to solve many problems at once:

  1. Wind-energy and solar-energy helps decreasing CO2-output;
  2. Flexible hydrogen production makes it easy to manage the irregular output of electricity from wind-energy systems and solar-energy systems;
  3. When hydrogen is produced at gas-stations, you don't have to transport the hydrogen. You minimize the risk;
  4. If cars use hydrogen instead of gasoline, we become less dependent on oil;
  5. If cars use hydrogen instead of gasoline, the air in cities becomes much better, since cars on hydrogen produce pure water instead of CO2 and a lot of other unhealthy substances;
  6. If the output of CO2 is reduced drastically, the weather could become more stable. It seems likely that the floods in the Midwest are worse because of the climate-change.

Technical obstacles to overcome

As I wrote, the answers to these problems are easy in THEORY. There are some technical obstacles to overcome.

  1. Hydrogen Fuel Cells are not yet ready for mass-production and are still expensive.
  2. The price of photo-voltaic solar-systems is quite high, but recent technological developments make it possible that prices will drop beneath the 0.5 dollar / Watt threshold within a few years.
  3. The infrastructure for the distribution of electricity has to be developed.

Problems with high oil-prices and climate-change can not be solved in a month or a year. But in five years time we could achieve much and in ten years time we can solve the problem. If we devote ourselves to it.

Costs of Iraq:

Suppose Bush had chosen for "a war against CO2" instead of the war against Iraq and that the money spend on Iraq had been spend on wind-energy and solar-energy. That would have had a major impact on life on earth.

A few years back an installation of photo-voltaic solar cells costed 2 dollars per Watt. If the money spend on Iraq had been spend on solar cells, more than 260,000 MegaWatt had been installed. It would have been more, since the costs per Watt has dropped significantly. And if 528 billion dollars had been spend on solar energy, the costs per Watt had decreased much more. Perhaps more than 500.000 MegaWatt could have been installed for that money.

Note: According to nationalpriorities.org/costofwar_home the costs are currently $528 billion. (jun 14th, 2008). If Bush had fought a "war against CO2" and had spend 528 billion dollars on solar-energy and wind-energy, this had been the results:

  • Much less production of CO2 and a better climate;
  • Much less dependency on Arabic oil, more independence for the USA;
  • Much less demand for oil and as a result lower oil-price;
  • The costs per Watt for a photo-voltaic solar-system would have dropped beneath 0.5 dollar per Watt. This is a kind of threshold that would make solar energy cheaper than electricity from oil in many situations.

10/28 2009 nationalpriorities.org/costofwar_home calculated the costs of war to be $ 915.1 billion dollars. For that money you can install a lot of windmills and solar cells.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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