Rule of law or Rule of favors


Look at yourself

The Netherlands is extremely aggressive against Poland and Hungary in the European Union.

The Dutch claim, that Poland and Hungary have bad governments and these countries should be punished for not upholding 'the rule of law'.

According to Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski the Dutch are racists and bigots.

As a citizen of the Netherlands I would like to testify, that in my opinion Jablonski is right.

  • The Dutch political system is completely rotten, down to the core.

  • License for Grand Theft

    Financial corporations have a license to rob and steal as much as they can.

    • For 25 years they have been robbing the people of the Netherlands for hundreds of billions euros.

      See Financial criminality

    • All Ministers of Finance in the past 25 years have been informed and warned about this organized criminality and they all refused to do anything about it. After their 'tour-of-duty' in Dutch politics, they were rewarded with very lucrative jobs at these criminal financial corporations.

      Members of the Dutch parliament have been doing the same for 25 years or more.

      See Is the Netherlands corrupt

    • Trias Politica is one corrupt team

      When you file an official complaint, the Openbaar Ministerie (Public Prosecutors Office) refuses to prosecute. Then you start an 'article 12 procedure', asking the judges to order the Public Prosecutor to prosecute. Then the judges say: "We will not handle your request to prosecute, because you are only a victim and not an interested party". (Judgement of a higher court of Leeuwarden, 2013.) They can do this, because the political hooligans created the 'Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht' (Translation: 'General Law Governing Rights'), which give the authorities the right to refuse to uphold the law. For details see General Law Governing Rights

    • Rabo bank robbers gang

      The Rabo bank steals all agricultural subsidies from the farmers. The EU agricultural subsidies for the Netherlands are given to the Rabobank. See: The EU subsidizes Rabobank

      When you are a sane person, you will find this hard to believe. And you will find it hard to believe, that the entire political system of the Netherlands agrees with this game. Still it is true.

  • Tax haven

    The Netherlands is a tax haven for foreign people and foreign companies. Many pop stars have abused the Dutch tax system to evade tax in their own country. Currently (Dec. 2020) the Russians want to terminate the tax treaty with the Dutch, because the Dutch tax system is criminal.

    Russian Finance Ministry announces denunciation of tax treaty with the Netherlands

    • The political hooligans feel obliged to continue these practices and to collaborate with the criminal financial corporations, because they want to secure lucrative jobs after their 'tour-of-duty' in politics. When they do not help these financial corporations to rob and steal, these corporations can not effort to pay them.

      That is why these political hooligans say: "You are a thief of your own wallet when you don't."

    The Netherlands: a tax haven The undisputed European champion in facilitating corporate tax avoidance

    Once again, the EU lets tax havens off the hook

    How the Netherlands Built One of the World’s Worst Tax Havens

  • Toleration policy

    The Netherlands developed an extremely insidious policy, which they call 'Gedoogbeleid' (Toleration policy.) They tolerate gross violations of the law, when it suits their purpose. When they don't like you, they have an enormous arsenal of outrageous laws to punish and torment minorities and people who are different. For details see Toleration policy in the Netherlands

  • Where are our 'free' media?

    The Netherlands claims to have 'freedom of press'. And yes, you can say whatever you want, as long as nobody listens. The media are controlled by:

    • public broadcasting services, that are completely controlled by the same people that control the political parties.

    • private media, that are all controlled by financial corporations and rich people.

    All investigative journalism has disappeared in the past three decades.


Is Poland bad?

According to Dutch politicians, Poland is bad. They say: "Poland does not have a Rule of law, the judges are controlled by the political leaders, there is no freedom of press, etcetera."

  • I do not know much about Poland. So I can not say much about it. But I do know a lot about the Dutch political system.

  • I know, form first hand experience, that the Dutch political system is rotten, down to the core.

  • I know, from first hand experience, that the Dutch politicians, Public prosecutors, judges and the media are racists, bigots and extremely corrupt criminals.

    This is not just a statement of an angry person. I have an abundance of evidence, including documents, signed by Dutch politicians, civil servants and Public prosecutors.

    See Is the Netherlands corrupt

  • I know, that the media in the Netherlands are controlled by the political parties, criminal corporations and rich people. When they don't like what you say or do, they destroy you. And since most people in the Netherlands believe the myth of 'free media', they also believe that these media are right and that their victims 'had it coming'.

  • The Netherlands does not have a working constitution.

    Now that is a very bold statement. Is it true?

    • Artikel 120 of the Dutch constitution says:

    • Artikel 120

      De rechter treedt niet in de beoordeling van de grondwettigheid van wetten en verdragen.

      English: The judge will not judge whether a law or a treaty is allowed by the constitution.

    • This means:

      When evaluating a case in the court of law, the judge is not allowed to ignore a law that is unconstitutional.

    • The political hooligans of the Netherlands did create a loophole in the constitution, that invalidates the whole constitution.

    • The politicians can make laws that violate the constitution and the courts have to apply them, according to article 120 of the Dutch constitution.

I do not know if Poland is good or bad. I suppose every European country has issues. But I do not believe, that most countries are completely rotten. There are stories of Italy. Some people believe, that the mafia has much influence there. But Italy is not governed by the mafia. And the Netherlands? Read See Is the Netherlands corrupt and form your own opinion.

As an informed citizen of the Netherlands, I want to make this explicit testimony:

Every reproach the Dutch political hooligans make against Poland reflects heavy on themselves.

In the Netherlands we have a saying: "Everything you say (about others) is what you are."


EU, Please withhold all payments to the Netherlands!

The Netherlands demands that European money will only be payed to decent countries with a working 'Rule of law'. Since the Netherlands is a criminal country that is run by mafia organizations that disguise themselves as political parties, it does not qualify for payments.

I ask the EU to withhold all payments to the Netherlands until:

  • they have removed article 120 from the constitution.

  • they uphold the 'Consumer Rights Directive'.

    The Dutch have made a law that says, that upholding the 'Consumer Rights Directive' is a task of the AFM (Authority Financial Markets) when the products are of a financial nature.

    I have asked the AFM to uphold my Consumer Rights. They stated: 'We refuse to consider your complaints, because you are not an interested party according to the General Law Governing Rights.'

    See AFM refuses to uphold the law

  • they have purged the political parties of all criminal elements.

    Perhaps we should make an exception for the VVD, the party of our much despised Prime Minister. The VVD is known in the Netherlands as 'champion of corruption'. When all criminal elements are purged from the VVD, there will be no one left to turn of the lights. LOL.

  • they have terminated the criminal cartel of financial corporations.

  • they start prosecuting criminal bankers, corrupt Ministers of Finance and corrupt political leaders.

  • they have liquidated the Rabo bank and have compensated the farmers for the criminal schemes of the Rabo bank with the money that comes available after the liquidation of the Rabo bank.

  • they have terminated their insidious 'Toleration policy' and have withdrawn their 'Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht' (Translation: General Law Governing Rights);

  • they have ended all abuse of tax payers money to run broadcasting services controlled by people affiliated to criminal political parties.

I would like to ask Poland and Hungary to demand from the EU a thorough investigation of the criminal political system of the Netherlands.

And I ask the EU to start an anti-trust investigation of the Dutch banking system.



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Pyramid scheme with farmland

The Rabobank is a monoplolist in lending to Dutch farmers. Rabobank provides work for the appraisers. They are fully dependent on Rabobank and follow its instructions. These appraisers have driven up the price, following instructions of the Rabo bank.

Paradise for financial criminality


The Netherlands is a paradise for financial criminality. Large financial corporations steal and rob as much as they want.

10 Oct 2020 I asked the AFM:

  1. Order the Rabo bank to repay the money they have stolen from my bank account with interest manipulation, in accordance with European Consumer Rights.

  2. Give the Rabo bank the highest possible fine for interest manipulation.

    The Rabo bank is a notorious repeat offender. In the Libor affaire they settled in the USA for a billion dollar. In the Netherlands they continue with interest manipulation, supported by the entire political system of the Netherlands.

  3. Ask the OM (Public Prosecutors Office) to start a criminal case against the Rabo bankrobbers gang.

They refused to handle my complaints, because I am not an interested party according to their insidious 'General Law Governing Rights'.

Click to see scans of the official answer of the AFM

General Law Governing Rights


is an extremely insidious law of the Netherlands

Corrupt Ministers of finance


In this century, all Ministers of finance of the Netherlands refused to protect the people against criminal financial corporations. Every bit of decency has been sold or leased. The whole political system is rotted down to the core.


Grand theft since 1995

Rule of law became a Rule of favors


Toleration policy is the translation of the Dutch word 'Gedoogbeleid'. It is an extremely insidious policy.

It means that the authorities decide if they tolerate violations of the law or that they punish you for it. When you have friends in 'the system', you get away with everything. When 'the system' wants to trample you, the civil servants have an enormous arsenal of laws, that nobody can keep.

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