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Dear Member of EU Parliament,

I write you this because I am worried about mr. Timmermans and his friend Diederik Samsom. I believe that Diederik Samsom is an FSB agent.

I have noticed, that many environmental ngo's are set up against coal and in favour of Russian gas and oil. There are no good practical reasons for this.

As you can read in the article Energy content and CO2 emissions , the CO2 costs of an electric car running on electricity from a coal plant are about 0.87 kg CO2 per kWh. The CO2 costs of a car on gasoline are about 1.25 kg CO2 per kWh. The costs in money: A car on gasoline costs about 15 TIMES more than a car on electricity from a coal plant.


When we buy natural gas or oil, we give money and power to countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia. When we buy coal or lignite in Europe, we give the money to European countries. They can invest this money in solar panels, wind turbines, hydrogen technology, et cetera.


Is Samsom an FSB-agent ?

Since 2005 I have written many times to Green Peace about their bias against coal plants. They have ignored everything I wrote. Since Samsom became the leader of the PvdA (Labour party) in the Dutch parliament, I have written him many times. He never answered.

Since I have written Samsom many times, he should KNOW that coal plants are not worse than natural gas or oil. But in parliament he demanded closure of ALL Dutch coal plants. Even brand new ones. They are the most efficient plants in the world. The exhaust fumes are washed with water with a calcium solution, that produces gypsum. This gypsum is used in construction.

At the same time, Samsom and his allies demanded more electric cars and even electric heath pumps. Currently it is not possible to fuel a lot of electric cars and heath pumps and also close the coal plants.

That is why I concluded:

  • Samsom is completely incompetent

  • or he has a hidden agenda.

I do not believe that Samsom is incompetent. The FSB does not recruit incompetent people.


Yes, Russians are recruiting

A few years back I was contacted by Katja, a Russian girl that claimed to study in Rotterdam. She wanted to visit me in Noord-east Groningen, a journey of about four hours by public transportation. It did not become clear what she wanted of me. The whole meeting felt odd. Later I learned, that the FSB was recruiting environmental activists. The purpose: Set the people up against coal and make countries dependent on Russian natural gas.

See: Russia is waging war against us

So the Russians are recruiting and Samsom is not incompetent. But he behaves as if he is completely incompetent and what he does is favourable for the Russians.


The Dutch parliament behaves as if they are completely insane.

  • Many mp's demand closure of coal plants. They already closed one.

  • And many mp's demand that new houses are heated with electric heath pumps. They passed a law about that

  • And they want much more electric cars.

Anyone with a little knowledge about energy knows, that this is an impossible policy. It will force us to buy very expensive natural gas from Russia to fuel our gas plants. When the Russians pump up that gas, they are not careful about methane leackage. Methane is much worse for the environment than CO2. The use of Russian gas instead of coal does not help the environment. It does make Russia stronger and more obnoxious. And it makes our energy much more expensive. Question is: How many members of the Dutch parliament are recruited or blackmailed by the FSB?


Why did Timmermans appoint Samsom?

It can not be because Samsom knows so much about green energy. Or that he is trustworthy. So it implicates Timmermans as well.

I believe it to be wrong to give Timmermans and Samsom 1000 billion Euro 'to help their friends'. See: 1000 billion euro for nepotism and cronyism 1000 billion euro for nepotism and cronyism


Alternative energy policy

I am not a person that tells you what not to do without giving a much better alternative. So here is a much better alternative.

I ask you to reconsider the whole energy policy of the EU. I would like a gentleman's agreement between all European countries. Something like this:

  • All EU members do what they can to diminish the import of energy from bad countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia.

  • We keep the coal plants open as long as we need them and we buy coal and lignite from other European countries. (Like Poland.) The income from coal and lignite is invested in green projects.

  • Europe creates and protects some vital industries like:

    • Factories of electric cars running on a small battery and on a fuel cell with hydrogen.

    • Factories of batteries for energy storage in cars and for homes. We should not give this away to China.

    • Factories of solar panels. It is unacceptable that we allowed our own solar panel industry to be wiped out by China.

    • Factories of equipment to converse solar electricity to hydrogen and factories that produce fuel cells for hydrogen.

Europe should create these industries and protect them against China. I do not see China as an enemy like Russia. But we have to be much more assertive when it comes to protecting our own industries.


With kind regards, Andreas Firewolf


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