Freedom to insult and torment

Journalists and politicians have 'freedom of speech'. Minorities can say and shout whatever they want, as long as nobody listens. Charlie Hebdo is one of those, who had freedom of speech. His victims had no real access to the media. THAT is the problem.

I am from the Netherlands. An appalling country, filled to the brim with bigots and racists. Moroccans of 20 years old living in the Netherlands have heard nothing but abuse from the media, their whole live !!! A senior member of the city-council of Amsterdam called them 'c@@nt-moroccans' while speaking with the mayor. (He did not know that there was an open microphone from a journalist.) He did not have to resign.

In the Netherlands and many other European countries, minorities have no real access to the media. The media have blacklisted me, because I have 'radical ideas' about Israel. Many Muslims have the same view. They are blacklisted to. If you want access to the media, you have to repeat the same non-sense that is continuously broadcasted by the media. If you say something different, you are 'a radical', 'a menace to society', etcetera.

On the other side, the dominant members of European societies say whatever they want about minorities and call that freedom of speech. Freedom to humiliate and insult minorities, stampede over everything that is sacred to them.


I just send a comment to a Dutch internet discussion site about this problem. They rejected my contribution.

I am Caucasian, from Dutch ancestors and well educated. Without a real possibility to express my opinion in the Netherlands. I am privileged compared to Moroccans and other Muslims in the Netherlands. Imagine how they feel !!!

For Americans the following is hard to understand. In the USA you can not become president when you are an a-theist. In many european countries you are considered 'the village idiot' when you have a faith. Journalists have been fighthing a very malicious war against all forms of religion in many European countries. The Netherlands is the most sickening of all.

Example: Suicide by Muslim of murder ???

On 2 November 2004 the Dutch movie director van Gogh was killed by a Muslim, whose parents came from Morocco. After the killing the Dutch media and politicians had a lot to say about the lack of integration of Moroccans in the Dutch society. The facts: The killer was integrated. He spoke fluent Dutch, had successfully finished higher education. And was more or less unemployed because his parents came from Morocco.

Van Gogh severely provoked Muslims again and again on purpose. At one occasion he projected Qoran-verses on the naked body of a woman. For this movie he was advised by a former Muslim-woman Hirshi Ali. He knew what he was doing. In the USA there is the concept: suicide by cop. Someone forces the police to shoot him. The behaviour of Van Gogh should be considered as: suicide by Muslim. Continue to provoke until someone refuses to accept it anymore.

Example: Racism in the Supreme Court

On 6 May 2002 the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was murdered by a left-wing white person. He was sentenced to 18 years in jail. He is free now. Mohammed B., the one who killed van Gogh, was sentenced for life. He will die in prison. A white person who kills a politician that did not provoke him, got free after 11 years of prison. A Moroccan person who killed a movie-producer that severely provoked and insulted his faith will die in prison.

Imagine the following in the USA. It is imaginary, it will not happen. Just imagine.

White people control the media. They publish insult after insult about black people, just because they can. Black people are allowed to say something in the media, but only if they repeat the words of white people. Black people are allowed to clean the bathrooms of the white, so they don't have to complain that they are not allowed to work. Even if black people have higher education, they are not hired for good jobs.

That is the situation of Muslims in the Netherlands and many other European countries.

Geert Wilders, a dutch politician, stated on Danish television that he wanted to remove many millions of Muslims from Europe. Since it is not possible to move this people to other continents, we must assume a plan to simply kill them all. A number of 50 million Muslims was suggested. So Adolf Hitler was no more than a 'good-willing amateur' compared to Wilders.

Less than a year ago this Wilders asked his gang of thugs (that he calls a political party) if they wanted more or less Moroccans. His thugs screamed 'Less, less, less'.

Imagine in the USA a Republican politician asking his followers: 'Do you want more or less of -fill in some minority-'. That is not done in the USA. In the Netherlands that is 'not a big deal'.

In France there is the Front National. I do not really know this organization. They seem almost as bad as Wilders and his gang of thugs. It has been suggested that Wilders and the Front National receives money from Russia to destabilize the European Union. It has been proven, that Wilders receives money from zionists to incite hatred between the west and Muslims. When the western world and the Muslim world are at war, Israel can continue with stealing land and water from Palestinians and killing them whenever they feel like it.

It is easy to blame the victims. It takes courage to look at yourself.

We should realize that most of the problems we have with Muslims are created by ourselves.

The USA and the European Union allow Israel to violate international law. Our politicians have big words for 'third world countries' about 'human rights'. But as long as we support Israel, we have no right to say anything about human rights.

We continuously insult Muslims because they have another faith. Gross insults against the Koran and against the prophet Mohammed are quite common in Europe. We do not allow Muslims to speak in the mainstream media. A few of them respond with physical violence on the continuous verbal and economic violence against them. Should we blame them ???

People use the weapons that are easy for them

When I was 17 years old, I met a teacher. He told me the following story.

There was a boy, physically very strong, but speaking was difficult for him. He often beat other kids. The teacher asked him why he did that. His answer: 'They are strong with words, I am strong with my fists!'

Journalists and politicians are strong with words and use them for verbal and economic violence against minorities. When a few members of a minority respond with violence, they are surprised. I am surprised that they are surprised.

Charlie Hebdo believed, that he could publish anything. Some Muslims believe, that they have the right to comment on his publications with an AK47 and hand grenades. Perhaps we should reconsider the freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech was intended for people like Charles Darwin. Darwin was allowed to publish a book about his ideas, despite religious bias.

Freedom of speech was not intended for systematic humiliation and insulting of other people.

Freedom of speech was not intended to violate the privacy of people.

When we look at the media, we see a continuous abuse of freedom of speech.

Perhaps it is time for change.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


I do not participate with anti-social media


I do not participate with facebook, twitter et cetera because of the privacy-violations and the anti-social behavior of this kind of media. Anti-social media stimulate autistic and narcissistic behavior.





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