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Let us put an end to National Zionism

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Obama rebukes Ahmadinejad for 'offensive' U.N. speech

Human rights? Does that mean that Obama will put an end to discrimination?

Until now, USA foreign policy has been Pro-Zionist and Anti-Palestinian. Jews where favored and Palestinians payed the price.

If we speak about human rights, we should speak about upholding international law. That means, that we should force Israel to adhere to international law. It should give back the stolen land. It should pay the bill for the water they have stolen from the Palestinians. It should pay for intentionally damaging the Palestinian economical efforts, for bombing the airport, harbour, for destroying the olive orchards, for bombing the houses. And most of all, for all the slander.

About the slander and Anti-Palestinism:

Arafat and Rabin made peace. A Jewish terrorist shot Rabin. After that, the Jews broke the agreement. Then Arafat tried to make peace with Barak. During the peace-negotiations the Jews continued building settlements on stolen land and kept steeling the land and the water of the Palestinians.

At the end of the nineties, when world-economy grew as never before, the Palestinian economy shrunk with ca. 10% each year, because the Jews intentionally destroyed all Palestinian efforts.

In 2000, the year before the second intifada, the Palestinian economy shrunk with 12%, according to the World Bank.

The Jews forced the Palestinians into the second intifada because they didn't want peace. Peace would mean:

  • Giving back stolen land;
  • Stop steeling water;
  • Equal rights for Arabs and Palestinians;
  • Ending the apartheid.

Most Zionists rather die than acknowledging equal rights for Palestinians. They call them cockroaches that have to be exterminated.

Ending the apartheid means equal rights and opportunities for Arabs in Israel. If a Jew immigrates from a foreign country to Israel, he or she has immediately more rights than the Arabs, who have lived there all their lives and have payed tax for decades. This apartheid is even worse than the apartheid in South Africa ever was. The United Nations has labeled Zionism as a form of racism. And for very good reasons.

Peace loomed over Israel

Despite of all of this, peace loomed over Israel thanks to the efforts of Arafat and Barakh. Then Sharon went to the temple-mountain and stirred up the Jews and Palestinians against each other. This caused the second intifada.

Palestinian youngsters protested against the Jews and threw rocks to heavily armed Jewish soldiers. They shot the Palestinian youngsters death in great numbers. This was murder. Most bullets went into the heads, which is only a small part of the body.

The pro-Zionist western world ignored the Palestinians and did nothing against the genocide of the Jews against the Palestinians.

One Palestinian went mad by despair and grieve. He blew himself to pieces near a Jewish disco. A few Russian Jews died. The pro-Zionist western media screamed and were outraged by this 'terrible act of terror' against 'innocent Jews'.

Jews are not innocent!

But it was not an act of terror. It was an act of despair. How much must a people endure?

I am from the Netherlands. During 1940-1945 my country was occupied by the Nazi's. Imagine that a dutch person in 1943 had blew himself to pieces and killed a few Germans. Would we call this an act of terror or an act of resistance? It is wrong to call Palestinian suicide-bombers terrorists. I prefer the term activists. Or resistance-fighters.

And there were no innocent Jewish victims. These Jewish youngsters profited from the Israelian aggression against the Palestinians and they supported this aggression with whole their hearts. The only innocent Jews are those in the peace-movement, those who speak out against the National Zionists of Israel. The Jews who keep silence, are guilty. As guilty as the Germans that did not resist the Nazi's.

Sharon, the Jewish Hitler

For most Palestinians, Sharon is the Jewish version of Hitler!

The beast and war-criminal Sharon took power in Israel and began a hate-campaign against Arafat and a campaign of genocide against the Palestinians. This same beast Sharon had to withdraw as minister of defense in 1982 after the genocide in Saabra and Al Shatila. In 1984 I worked with a Jew who was a soldier during this genocide. He told me, that the Israelian soldiers wanted to stop the murder of women and children but this was forbidden by the Ministry of Defense.

Again and again Sharon provoked new Palestinian deeds of despair and responded with bombardments on the economy, infrastructure and administration of the Palestinians. Police stations where bombarded continuously. And then Sharon stated, that the Palestinian police did not do anything to stop the suicide bombings. The Airport and the harbour where destroyed. Houses where turned into rubble. Orchards of the Palestinians where destroyed. Palestinians were left to starve and were terrorized and humiliated continuously.

The western world was and still is Pro-Zionist

And the Pro-Zionist western media served the Jewish interests. At that time, the USA supported Israel with 7 Billion dollars each year. And Bush did not ask anything in return. He behaved like the dog of Sharon. When Sharon whistled, Bush wagged it's tail.

That is why I call the USA a colony of Israel. The USA-taxpayer pays the bills of Israel, USA-soldiers fight Zionist wars. And the governments of the western states refuse to put a leash on Israel. Is it so strange that some Islamic countries believe that the western countries are controlled by Jewish money?

9/11 the result of Pro-Zionist terror?

9/11 was an act of terror of Islamic people against the USA, no doubt about that. Many of the terrorists where Palestinians. Had they done this if Bush had not been the dog of Sharon? I doubt it. I believe, that 9/11 was the direct result of the Pro-Zionist attitude of the western world and specially the direct result of the appalling foreign policy of the Bush administration.

When Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq, he gave money to the family of Palestinians that killed themselves in suicide-bombings against Jews. The Jews did not appreciate this. The Mossad fed false intelligence to the western intelligence agencies and made them believe, that Saddam Hussein was the enemy of the western world, that he was an ally of Osama bin Laden, and that he had weapons of mass-destruction. Bush was manipulated in a senseless war against Iraq.

There were no weapons of mass-destruction and everyone knew that.

Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were bitter enemies. They agreed on one thing only. There is only one god. According to Osama this god is Allah and Osama is his prophet. According to Saddam, god's name was Saddam Hussein. As long as Saddam Hussein was in control of Iraq, Al Qaida had no chance in Iraq.

Why did Bush invade Iraq? Because Sharon told him so? Because Saddam gave money to the family of Palestinian suicide-bombers?

If Bush had not invaded Iraq but had concentrated his efforts on Afghanistan, the war on terror would have gone much better. And Iraq could have been used to limit the power of Iran. Bush send many Americans to a horrible death in Iraq, just because he was the dog of Sharon.

Road-map to peace

You Americans now have a more intelligent president with new ideas. I suggest you make peace with the Islamic world.

We don't want a third world war over Israel. We don't want a situation where Christians and Moslems kill each other so that the Zionists can continue steeling land and water.

The people of the western world should demand from our leaders to take a stand against Israel and against National Zionism.

We should boycott Israel until it has returned all the stolen land and until it has payed the Palestinians for the water they have stolen and for all the damage they have caused.

International peace begins and ends with international law!

The AIPAC is a pro-Israel lobby organization that is the most or at least one of the most powerful lobby organizations in the USA.. According to the NRC Handelsblad, a very reliable newspaper of the Netherlands:

  • 60% of the money that Democratic candidates get for their campaigns comes from AIPAC and other Jewish sources.
  • 30% of the money that Republican candidates get for their campaigns comes from AIPAC and other Jewish sources.
  • (NRC Handelsblad 13 februari 2002, pag. 5.)
  • It seems that Zionists have bought the Democrats and that they are the biggest share-holder of the Republicans. Zionists have bought American politics and the USA should be called a colony of Israel.
  • Around 2001, Israel received 7 billion dollars each year from the American taxpayers. How much does Israel receive from Obama?
  • In 2000 - 2001 Sharon thanked Bush by treating him as his puppy and by destroying the Palestinians, inciting hatred and paving the way for 9/11
  • Is AIPAC directly or indirectly responsible for 9/11 ??? I am not an American. I leave the verdict to the jury of the American people.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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