1.7 Gjógandr

Corresponding card in Rider-Waite tarot: 6. Lovers

1.7 Gjógandr


The picture:

A man and a woman have sex under an Oak-tree. Both are completely naked. A red-golden cloud of sexual energy rises up from their bodies.

At some distance there is a hill. On the top of the hill there is a fire. Naked people dance around the fire. Some women carry a Völlr around the fire. In the light of the full moon there is a silver carriage, that is pulled by a black cat and a white cat. A powerful dominating woman sits on the carriage. She has a giant Völlr in her left hand and a whip in her right.


The woman in the cat-wagon is Freya, the Patroness-of-the-fallen (Vrouwe Valburgia). Vrouwe means Lady. Burgia should be translated as patroness. Val is related to fallen. Óðinn is the patron of the men who fall on the battlefield. Freya is the patroness of the fallen women. In Christianity a fallen woman is a woman who did not submit to a Christian male-pig, an independent woman. Because Christian culture had no place in the economy for independent woman, the free women had to make a living outside ordinary economy. In other words: they had to become prostitutes. In pre-christian times the priestesses of Freya did not marry and they had sex when they wanted and with whom they wanted. Often they received food or other offerings in return. So Freya is the patroness of whores. And for a true pagan, a whore is a woman-of-honour.

The white cat represents the full moon and the light side of sensuality and love. The black cat represents the dark side: jealousy, hate, rape, BDSM. It is the end of the moon and the ending of a love. 'If you do not know the darkness of the black cat, you also do not know the brightness of the white one'. The beginning of a new love is like the birth of a new moon. Every day it waxes and love grows stronger. But after the summit, decay sets in. The moon wanes and the love turns to darkness. When you cling to the old, you cling to resentment and regret. When you let go and follow the moon, love becomes darker and darker, until there is nothing left. And the end of the moon is the end of love: redemption and liberation. Only when all ties with the old love are dissolved you are ready for a new one: The birth of a new moon and a new love.

The card shows the Walpurgis Night. From every three virgins that entered the Walpurgis Night, only one kept her virginity. It was a celebration of the life-force with free sexuality. People had sex and gave their sexual energy to the fields, so that they should have a good crop. A Völlr was carried around. (A Völlr is the penis of a stallion, prepared with herbs.) A big fire was set on a high hill and people danced all night.


With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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