1.5 Reið / Refil stigr

Corresponding card in Rider-Waite tarot: 6. Choice

1.5 Reið / Refil stigr


The picture:

A large host rushes on horseback through the night. The moon is full. Óðinn rides up front on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir. He wears a dark hat with a large brim and a grey spotted mantle. His two raven fly around his head. In front of his horse there are two wolves: Geri (wanting) and Freki (gluttony). His thirteen valkyrjas ride behind him on fiery horses. The hoofs of their horses never touch the ground. Behind them there is a large host of werewolf-warriors with black painted faces. (Not visible on the card, because it is to small.) They are clothed in wolf-skin.


The central figure is Óðinn, the sun-god and the sky-father. It is night so the sun is in the underworld. The sun-god rushes through the underworld. The thirteen valkyrjas are thirteen different winds and thirteen full moons in a year. The raven Huginn and Muninn are Thought and Memory. His two wolves look out for potential werewolf-warriors.

Reid means ride. In this case it should be translated as The Wild Hunt.

Another name for this card is Refil stigr: the mystery-path. According to ancient myths one could meet the Wild Hunt while walking in a dark forest at night. If you set a foot on the trail, you were incorporated in the Einherjar, the host of werewolf-warriors. After that nobody would hear again from you. When you set one foot on the mystery-path, you are lost for the ordinary world. You enter an alternate world and the common world will loose its appeal.


With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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