1.4 Ace

Corresponding card in Rider-Waite tarot: 4. Emperor

1.4 Ace


The picture:

A royal man sits on a great wooden throne. He wears a purple mantle and a giant helmet with horns of a wisent. He has his right leg crossed over his left and his right knee is bare. On his right side he has an enormous sword with a golden hilt. He holds his left hand before his chin. His right hand is missing, it is devoured by the wolf Fenrir.

On his left side there is a young woman with a translucent garment. She has an apple in her hand, that radiates a fierce white light. Her hair is long and fair, her eyes are clear and blue. She radiates youthful freshness.


The man on the throne is Týr. His hand is bitten by Fernir, when this wolf had to be bound. This myth is discussed with the card 3.1 Týr The woman is Iðun, the Ásynja with the apples of youth. The Aesir stay young as long as they eat the apples of Iðun.


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Description and meaning of Runictarot-card 3.1 Týr

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