Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht

Translation: General Law Governing Rights

See Algemene wet bestuursrecht


Article 1.2 states

1 Onder belanghebbende wordt verstaan: degene wiens belang rechtstreeks bij een besluit is betrokken.

2 Ten aanzien van bestuursorganen worden de hun toevertrouwde belangen als hun belangen beschouwd.


Point 1 states: You are only an interested party when your interests are directly involved.

Civil servants decide, that citizens are not an interested party whenever they feel like it.

Point 2 states: Every governmental institution is considered an interested party.


Criminal law

This law looks innocent. But it actually robs all citizens from all their legal rights and gives civil servants absolute power to punish and torment a person or small business whenever they feel like it.

You will find examples of criminal abuse below.

In practice this law is combined with 'Gedoogbeleid' ('Toleration policy')

Officially the Netherlands has a Rule of law. It has laws, police, prosecutors, judges and lawyers. It has courtrooms and they often take much time for a verdict. But this is just window dressing.

Before a judge can decide about right or wrong, you have to get a case before a judge. And the Dutch are extremely corrupt when it comes to that.

The Dutch politicians have created an enormous amount of laws. Nobody can adhere to them all. When 'the system' likes you, the law is not kept. Breaking the law is tolerated, when 'the system' likes you. But when 'the system' wants to destroy you, there are always laws that you did not keep. In the Netherlands you break laws constantly. Mostly laws that no one knows. But the civil servants can find laws to beat you with, as soon as they want to torment you. I speak from first hand experience.

Point 2 of article 1.2 of the Algemene wet bestuursrecht gives civil servants absolute power to crush people they don't like.

It states: 'Every governmental institution is considered an interested party'. This means, that civil servants can uphold the law whenever they feel like it.





Disregard for European agreements

There are laws derived from European agreements. Like anti-trust laws and laws to protect consumers against criminal corporations.

Perhaps you believe that these laws are kept. But they are not.

When you ask 'the system' to uphold a law, you have to qualify as 'an interested party'. 'The system' decides, if you qualify or not. When you don't, the law is not kept.

With this policy 'the system' protects criminal corporations and the CEO's against complaints of civilians, that are continuously robbed by large financial corporations. Political leaders, that should have protected the people against this criminal corporations harvest extremely lucrative 'jobs' with these corporations, after their 'tour-of-duty' in the political system.

When a case is finally brought to court, judges decide, that the Netherlands is obliged to honor the European agreements before their own laws and political games. Example: Judges have ruled, that the Netherlands is bound to the agreement to diminish CO2 emissions after Urgenda brought a case to court. See: State of the Netherlands v. Urgenda Foundation.

In a decent country, civil servants and politicians should apply this ruling to general law. The judges ruled in general, that European agreements supersede Dutch laws. But the Netherlands is NOT a decent country. It is ruled by a criminal elite, that robs and steals, lies and cheats as much as they like.


Examples of disregard for European agreements

AFM refuses to uphold the law


ACM refuses action against the cartel of banks



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10 Oct 2020 I asked the AFM:

  1. Order the Rabo bank to repay the money they have stolen from my bank account with interest manipulation, in accordance with European Consumer Rights.

  2. Give the Rabo bank the highest possible fine for interest manipulation.

    The Rabo bank is a notorious repeat offender. In the Libor affaire they settled in the USA for a billion dollar. In the Netherlands they continue with interest manipulation, supported by the entire political system of the Netherlands.

  3. Ask the OM (Public Prosecutors Office) to start a criminal case against the Rabo bankrobbers gang.

They refused to handle my complaints, because I am not an interested party according to their insidious 'General Law Governing Rights'.

Click to see scans of the official answer of the AFM

24 Sept 2019 I asked the ACM:

  1. Enforce the European Consumer Rights

  2. End the cartel of banks.

    • The interest rates for credit in the Netherlands are more than FOUR times higher than in Germany.

    • Bankers, the Dutch Central Bank and the Minister of Finance have made secret criminal agreements to force the Dutch consumers to pay for the credit crunch.


19 Nov. 2019 they wrote back:

Click to see scans of the official answer of the ACM

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