Yggdrasil: an adventure in your mind

Let us play

What is your bio-computer?

Let us play an adventure, a computer-game. On which computer shall we run the game? On your p.c. or laptop? Certainly not. On the internet? No way. This game can only run on the most sophisticated computer: your bio-computer.

What is your bio-computer? Is it your brain, spinal column and nerve centres? Or is it your mind? I am not going to answer that question for you. Experiment and try to falsify one of the two possibilities.

What do you need to play?

You need:

  • connection to the internet to read the instructions.
  • a computer to download TRANCE-FORMATIONS.
    • It is nice if you can burn the TRANCE-FORMATIONS on a cd or if you can put them on an mp-3 player.
    • The most important part of the game is doing the TRANCE-FORMATIONS.
  • a comfortable chair or something and a stereo headphone.
    • When you do a TRANCE-FORMATION, it is nice to sit down or lay down and relax.
    • When you listen to a TRANCE-FORMATION with a stereo headphone, you get the best results.

Who is the game-master?


In this game you get points for everything you do. If you do something good, you get bonus-points. If you do something bad, you get malus-points. (Malus-points are bad.) Don't fool yourself: the game-master sees everything, is omni-present and all-mighty. You can not cheat!

Who is the game-master?

Is it me, Firewolf? No. I am just another player, and for the moment your guide.

Is it god? The pope? The dalai lama? Most certainly not.

The game-master is the Universe, the rules of the game are the rules of the universe. And they are NOT the laws of physics. The laws of physics are made up by men and they are waiting to be falsified. Some laws of physics may be structurally identical to some rules of the universe. Other laws of physics may need an upgrade.

How about religious rules? How about the ten commandments? These rules are extremely primitive. They are made up by shepherds to bully other shepherds. They can serve you as rough guidelines. And if you start playing this game, you can evolve this rules. And perhaps you come up with some new rules and guidelines for yourself.

Do What Thou Wilt, shall be the whole of the law!

There is no law but man

There are men who like to make laws for other people. Stalin and Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, etc. But also Moses and the pope. This kind of people like to dominate and control other people. I don't like to be controlled. Do you?

You can do what you like. You will do that anyway. Groups of people can also do what they like. Most groups like to make up rules. When their rules are only for members of their own group, there is nothing wrong with that. Once a group tries to impose rules on another group, the seeds of war are sown.

No license to rape, kill and mutilate

Ignorant people have primitive reactions on 'Do What Thou Wilt'. Often they say: Then everyone can kill, steel, rape as much as one likes. Sociopaths don't need a law like 'Do What Thou Wilt' to hurt other people. They do it, because that is the way they are. Gentle people don't need rules to be gentle, because that is the way they are.

Moses, a foreign worker of a primitive tribe, killed an Egyptian, hid the corpse and then had to flee. Later he came back and claimed, that he had been the son of the Pharaoh. If that was the truth, there was no reason to flee. The bible describes him as a murderer. Then he made a law: 'You shall not murder.' Probably, he needed such a law. Gentle people do not need it.

By the way: In the time of Moses, this law meant, that Jews should not kill other Jews. Jews were people. Non-Jews where Goi. Moses and his friends killed them, stole their land and stated, that that was the will of god. I do not blame modern Jews for this. I simply like to state, that the ten commandments are rubbish. And that laws and commandments are used to put you down.

It is not just the Jews that killed people outside their own group. That was quite common in the past. In Northern-Europe tribes preyed on each other. At the end of the harvest the strong groups (or tribes) formed bands of robbers, that tried to steal the food of other groups. Often they killed people of other groups. Women died in labor, men died defending the food or trying to steal food. That kept males and females in balance and prevented civil war within tribes.

The main difference between Jews and other groups / societies is this:
The Jews had Moses, who had the audacity to claim, that killing other people, destroying their altars and stealing their land was the will of god. As long as the god of the Jews was just a local deity, this was not a big problem. But then came Paul, who turned teachings of Jesus and teachings of Moses into Christianity and founded a world-religion. The god of the Jews was upgraded to the Creator of everything. But the primitive teachings of Moses were left as the foundation, that no one dared to change.

When you analyze the commandments of Moses, it is easy to see, that they were used to keep a tribe together during times of hardship. In a modern society they are useless.

Do what you like, say what you feel

Be what you are

'Do What Thou Wilt' is not an encouragement to rape, kill and mutilate. It is an encouragement to be yourself. Like Madonna sings:

Say what you like
Do what you feel
You know exactly who you are
The time is right now
You got to decide
Stand in the back or be the star!

You don't have the luxury of time
You have got to say what's on your mind
Your head lost in the stars
You'll never go far (no time to lose)
It's time for you to read the signs

This can be interpreted as a song about love, but also as an encouragement to leave your comfort zone and go wild. Do what you like! If you want to stay in your village, surrounded by family and relatives, it is good. That is what you are. But some of us do not fit in. We have to leave our village, our family. We are hunters of knowledge. That is what we are, that is what we like to do.

Don't let laws of men keep you down. If you have a free spirit, follow it!

To play this game, you have to die !

Become a nar

Nár in old Icelandic means corpse. (Geir T. Zoëga, Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic.) But that is not the full meaning. A nar in many European traditions is someone without status, someone who can say and do everything, because he is outside the community. And that goes back to the ancient Germanic traditions.


The card Yggr of the Runic-tarot is about the nar Yggr. Yggr is an alternative name for Ódinn. It also refers to your evolving self that slays a more primitive self so that you can climb the tree of worlds. The fourth lesson of part 1 of Yggdrasil has a TRANCE-FORMATION in which you identify yourself with Yggr to slay yourself and to start climbing the tree of worlds.

In ancient Germanic societies you were a member of your family or sibbe and a member of your tribe. Most people were content with that live. But in any time, any culture, you have the misfits: those that do not belong in a family or tribe. In ancient Germanic cultures these misfits had to die. Not in the physical sense, but in a spiritual and social sense. They left their sibbe and their tribe. So they were declared dead. They were no longer member of the family or tribe. And this was also done with people who just did not come back. If someone went to sea for a Viking-expedition and the people back home did not here from him any more, he was declared dead so that mourning could begin and so that his former wife could find a new husband.

When you left your tribe and sibbe you had to find some other company. You could find this in occult societies or leagues. To become a member of such an organization, you went through an initiation. In this initiation your were killed symbolically. After that, you were a nar or nár: a living death, a cultical corpse. You were dead for your tribe and family. But in the other world, you were very much alive!

If you want to play this game, you have to die to. Not physically but spiritually. In fact, you have to kill yourself over and over again. You kill your old identity and then you create a new one. That is called: growth.

Become a shaman, a witch, a warlock, a magician, a sorcerer
or something like that!

Do not follow me!

When I introduced this game in the Netherlands in 1988, it was suggested by some ignorant people, that I would turn people into copies of myself. These people did not bother to read the introduction and did not ask questions. They just jumped on a conclusion. Jumping on a conclusion is like jumping on a wild horse without a saddle. Most likely you get hurt.

I myself am a wolf-person. That means: my power-animal is a wolf. I am not going to turn you into a wolf-person. I encourage you to become what you want to be. Your physical manifestation (your body and everything around your body) is formed by yourself. If you follow the laws of men, they decide what you become. If you follow your heart, you can re-create yourself. God creates you to it's own image and liking. And you are god. Never forget that. You are your own creation. And you can do what you like.

If you copy my behaviour, my life, you become my shadow. When I look around me, I don't want to see a number of Firewolf-clones.

Would that not be horrific: to see people change in clones of yourself! In the movie Single White Female one female becomes a clone of another, which is quite creepy.

You don't have to be like me. You should be yourself. If you do not know what you are, just play the game. You will learn to re-create yourself while playing. And that is fun.

Become a shaman, or something like that. Or become a witch or sorcerer, or something like that. The game is what you make of it. For some people it is a shamanistic game and the material is shamanistic. For others, it is a game of witchcraft or sorcery. The content is not solely from me. I re-created the structure. While playing the game, you create the content. It is your content. Playing the game with your own content helps you to find out who and what you really are!

Some people find it helpful to label their new identity. So after a while you can call yourself something. That something is the new shape for yourself. While playing the game, you will grow into that something. And when the shape becomes limiting? Cast it into the fire of Jarnvidr and create a new shape.


Lesson three of part 8A of Yggdrasil is about Jarnvidr and Jarnsaxa.

Call myself something? What do you mean? In 1988 I called myself a werewolf. After that I called myself a fire-priest, a shaman, etc. It is a label to communicate with others and something you want to become. It can be an objective. Maybe you want to be a witch or a warlock. Or maybe you want to become a werebear or Bersekr. Just set yourself a goal and play the game! You will become what you are!



How to play the game


Follow the guidelines and have fun!

As your guide I create lines, that you can follow. When you like to deviate from the guidelines, be a deviater. Deviate. Every day in every way I will deviate more and more!

In Dutch there are 96 TRANCE-FORMATIONS of about 30 to 35 minutes. (There are two TRANCE-FORMATIONS for each world of Yggdrasil.) That is a lot of visualization and TRANCE-FORMATION. I will try to translate two TRANCE-FORMATIONS a month. I will put them on the website for you to download as mp3-files. When you do a TRANCE-FORMATION, just sit down or lay down and relax. Put on a stereo headphone and enjoy.


The TRANCE-FORMATIONS of Yggdrasil take you on a guided trip to 'an astral world', to a specific world of Yggdrasil. In each world you meet with a deity. That can be an Ás (a deity of wind), a Vanir (a deity of sea or water), a Jötun (a deity of fire) or a Hrimthurs (a deity of Ice). Meeting these deities learns you something about yourself and about ...

I will also put breathing exercises on the website. There is energy in the air we breath. The Chinese call this energy 'Chi', in India they speak of 'Prana', the ancient Persians called it 'Ga Llama', the ancient Germanic people called it 'Óðr'. This energy is the life-force. When you concentrate on this energy while you breath in and out, you can learn to manipulate it with your mind. You can store it in your chakras and physical organs and in your subtle bodies.

What are the deities?


Many people believe, that 'God' is from the Jews or from the Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth!

According to the old Jewish religion, the deity of the Jews was one of many deities. So Moses stated: You will not worship other deities than our own deity. The name of this deity should not be spoken. References to that deity are marked with four letters, that should not be spoken: YHVH. A Christian cult turned that into Yehovah, without much understanding of Jewish religion.

The Christians copied a part of Jewish religion and mixed it with Greek and Roman religion. They call their deity 'Lord' or 'Deus'. When Christians came to Germanic lands, they translated this Deus into a word used with the Germanic tribes: 'God'. And there we have a big issue. In ancient Germanic languages, there is no plural for 'God'. And 'God' has no gender. Most nouns in Germanic languages are male or female. In English this difference is lost, but in German and Dutch it is preserved. In English you put 'the' for every noun, but in Dutch you put either 'de' or 'het' before a noun, depending on the gender of the noun.

The Germanic noun 'God' did not have a plural form and it did not have a gender. That means: According to the Germanic people there was only one god and it was neither male nor female. And in every Germanic language 'God' is quite similar as 'Good'. According to the old Germanic people there was one creator of the universe. This something was not in the universe. It was impossible to say or know anything about it, except that is was good, since it created the universe.

God is good, and that is all the Germanic people had to say about it. One can not worship God, since it is not in the universe. One can not offer something to God, offerings stay within the universe. Compared with this notion of 'God', the Deus of the Christians is rather primitive.

The Christians that came to the Germanic tribes were not well educated or civilized. Christian priests that were well educated and civilized stayed in Rome or Greece. The most primitive, most arrogant, most dogmatic Christians came to the Germanic tribes, and they simply did not understand what they saw. The Germanic tribes believed in a faith, that was woven by the norns. Not many people tried to persuade the norns to change the fate. It was common understanding, that this was not possible. And the Germanic people tried to maintain good relationships with the Aesir, the Vanir, Jötun and the Hrimthursen.

The Christians were used to female and male deities like Zeus, Apollo, Mars, Pluto, etc. They believed that the relationship between the Germanic people and the deities would be similar to the relationship between heathen Romans and their deities. This was a big mistake. Julius Caesar wrote: 'The Germanic people do not worship their deities. They worship the sun, the moon and the fire.'

The Christians derived new nouns from the old noun god: gods, goddess, goddesses. The old noun god was given a male gender. And the Aesir and Vanir were turned into gods and goddesses: Odin, Thor and Freyr were called gods and Freya was turned into a goddess.

I do not like to use these new nouns. I like to refer to this deities as 'deities'. They are not creators of the universe. They are simply non-corporeal beings or archetypes.

What are the deities?

Archetypes or non-corporeal beings?

There are at least three interpretations of the deities:

  1. Deities are archetypes in the Jungian sense. They are symbols for processes in our unconscious mind and they represent psychological energies.
  2. Deities are 'real' beings, independent of humans, with their own agenda, with a free will, etc. Darwinian theories about selection processes apply to these deities.
  3. Deities are created by people with emotional energy and they are constantly shaped and energized by their creators. If people forget about a deity, it looses it's energy, it withers away, until it is no more than an old thought or idea.

Which of these interpretations is the right one? That is a wrong question. Which interpretation can be falsified? That is a good question, but it will be difficult to falsify any of these interpretations.

The first interpretation is psychologically sound, it can help to communicate with psychologists. The second interpretation is hard to believe for most modern people.

I once met a woman, who was very much into fairy-tales. I really saw goblins, elves and 'kabouters' (a dutch version of goblins) around her. Not 'seeing' with my eyes, but with another kind of sensing. I also saw energy coming from her umbilical-chakra. She really created these creatures and gave them energy. She was surrounded with a cloud of emotional energy and emotional creatures.

I once read a SF-book in which the author created a divine being. I think he called it the 'bopomagilvie' or something. (It is a long time ago that I read it.) One can argue, that he created this deity in the mental world. Suppose a group of people would start to worship this mental construction. They would create an emotional attachment to it and they would energize the concept with emotional energy. Sensitive people would be able to sense the presence of this deity. If people would stop worshipping and would forget about this bopomagilvie, it would 'die'. Perhaps it would remain as a mental concept on the mental plane, but it would cease to exist on the emotional or astral plane.

So one could say:
Man created god according to his own image, liking and understanding.

The tribal Jews created a god of war and destruction, after the image and liking of Moses. Pious Christians created a god of love and understanding, according to their needs at that time. Then Roman leaders turned this loving god into a BDSM-god, that could be used to manipulate and subdue the people. Karl Marx stated about this kind of religion: This is opium for the people. Followers of Marx tend to believe, that any kind of religion is opium for the people. But that is not true. Most religions are not used to manipulate and sedate people. Most religions intend to awaken people, to help them grow to a higher consciousness.

I did not answer the question and I am not going to. What the deities are for you is up to you. I will stimulate you to form the right questions, there are no right answers.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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