'Black Peet', C..t-Moroccans and genocide

The Netherlands have a reputation of broad-mindedness and being gentle and kind to foreigners. This is something of the past. Since the 80's the Netherlands has turned into a country of racists and bigots. There is a constant violation of human rights. The situation is far worse than the United Nations seems to know. If there was no language-barrier, English speaking people would be appalled about the Netherlands. I will give you a brief introduction.

The Dutch authorities are extremely violent in words and deeds against the Muslims and specially against Moroccans. Muslims and Moroccans are systematically humiliated and put down by Geert Wilders and his gang since 2001. Moroccan teenagers have suffered abuse from the superior natives for all their live. Now the Dutch authorities are blaming these victims, that they don't like the Dutch society.

In the past three years black people started to fight the stereotyping of black people with 'Black Peet'. If the Dutch authorities had any decency, they had protected the black people against this stereotyping. They did exactly the opposite. The court of Amsterdam had no right to forbid the mayor of Amsterdam to give a permit for Black Peet celebrations, according to a higher court (Raad van State) on 12 November 2014. Despite the feelings of black people (and many others), the celebrations with Black Peet continue. Racists are now using Black Peet to humiliate black people.



In March 2002, Rob Oudkerk, member of the city-council of Amsterdam, said to the mayor of Amsterdam: "We have c..t-Moroccans to". Yes, he used the rude word for vagina. A microphone of a journalist was open, so we heard about it. He was not kicked out of city hall. The mayor of Amsterdam responded in a way, that made it perfectly clear, that he was used to that kind of language and considered this acceptable. This mayor, Job Cohen, lead the Auschwitz-memorial many times. At every occasion this hypocrite stated: "No one must be excluded". Except of course c..t-Moroccans and 'other trash'. Rob Oudkerk kept his position, until he stated publicly, that he used to watch porn at the expense of the city. After that he got another political function. His racist statement was no reason to keep him out of public functions.


Jewish-Christian roots

According to Geert Wilders, our home-grown version of a NAtional ZIonist, we have Jewish-Christian roots. No politician speaks against this. People who do speak out, are discriminated and are targets for state-violence of civil-servants. I will give you examples of this.

Recently Geert Wilders asked in a room filled with his admirers: "Do you want more or less Moroccans??" They yelled: "Less, less". It is like Mississippi 1964.

On 16th September 2009 Geert Wilders demanded from the Parliament "Kopvoddentax" (Head-rag-tax). Muslim-women should be forced to pay 1000 Euro for a permit to wear a head scarf. He did not ask for a tax to be enforced from Jews for wearing a yarmulke, since he is a National Zionist and a firm defender of Israel.

On Danish television this Wilders stated that he wanted to remove 50 million Muslims from Europe. There are no 50 million Muslims in Europe. This raving lunatic can go on and on and the authorities say, that it is within the law. And they don't want to change the law to protect minorities.

One can not put 50 million people on a train or airplane and then dump them in another continent. Since relocating 50 million Muslims is impossible, we should assume, that he wants to kill them. Implicitly Wilders stated: "Hitler was no more than a good willing amateur, a bit of a dilettante. I will do it eight times better than Hitler. I will show you a higher form of Endlosung (holocaust)."

Geert Wilders is funded by National Zionists from the USA to cause war between Christians and atheist on one site and Muslims on the other site. Why? To force the western world to continue the support for Israel. And no, I am not anti-semitic. And yes, there is a zionist conspiracy. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the Jews support national zionism, which is a variant of national socialism.

  • I am not an Anti-Semite.
  • One of the dogmas of Anti-Semites is, that Jews are conspiring to get world-domination. In my opinion that is nonsense. And I am not saying anything like that.
  • What I say is this: Zionists are stealing land and water from the Palestinians. They kill Palestinians whenever it suits them. They keep Palestinians in a concentration camp (Gaza strip) and only let them out when they are willing to work for very low wages for Jews. That is slavery. The Zionists want to continue with these gross violations of International Law. When the western world and the Muslim world are at peace, the western world will demand from Israel to stop with the systematic destruction of the Palestinian people. The Zionist don't want that. So they conspire to set the west up against the Muslims and the Muslims against the west. And they pay people like Geert Wilders to do the dirty work. They reason like this: The enemy of my enemy is my ally. As long as the western world considers Muslims as enemies, the Zionists can get away with their evil deeds.
  • This is not Anti-Semitism but Anti-Zionism. National Zionism is just a variant of National Socialism. It is genetic warfare. Making room for your own genes and destroying people with other genes. Nazi-Israel has become as appalling as Nazi-Germany.

This Geert Wilders likes to complain, that some Muslims want him dead. That is very bad of these bad Muslims. He has to live with security guards around him to keep him alive. We are supposed to feel sorry for him and we should really blame these bad Muslims. Apparently, he is to stupid to see, that he is really creating his own hell. He states on Danish television, that he wants to remove 50 million Muslims from the planet Earth, and that is good since Muslims are bad, according to Wilders.

Safe-guarding Wilders is done at the expense of tax-payers of the Netherlands. Muslims who pay tax in the Netherlands actually pay for the protection of a beast, that wants to exterminate them. Wilders is also safe-guarded with my tax-money. In my opinion, this is a crime of the politicians against the people. Wilders is causing his own problems, so he has to pay himself for his safe-guarding. If he can't, he can ask for political asylum in Israel.


Old-germanic roots

"Human rights are the result of the Jewish-Christian tradition" according to Geert Wilders and the Dutch politicians. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is: We have old-germanic roots. Conversion to Christianity happened a little bit between 600 and 1500 A.D. Around 1500 there were still a lot of pagan traditions in small communities.

The human rights are not from Jewish-Christian tradition.

In the 16th Century it was quite common for Catholic rulers to burn people alive for reading heretic books. People who could not read or write were burned for reading heretic scriptures. From 1568 to 1648 we had a savage civil war between Catholics and Protestants. No one had ever heard of human rights.

And the Jews? Jewish rights are for Jews, not for Goyim. We see how they treat the Palestinians. According to Zionists, Palestinians are cockroaches that have to be exterminated.

Around 1.000 AD on Iceland, there were human rights quite close to what we consider human rights today. Man and woman were equal. Children had all the rights of adults as soon as they could speak. And to prevent violence between Christians and pagans, they agreed upon freedom of religion.


Zwarte Piet (Black Peet) and Sinterklaas

In the western world we have a lot of traditions that go back to ancient Germanic people. Santa Claus and Christmas go back to the believe in Ullr, a Germanic Deity that lived in the North and that had reindeer horns on his helmet.

Sinterklaas goes back to Odinn and the black perchts. Odinn was the deity of the sky. He had one burning eye, the sun. He rode on his solar horse with eight legs: Sleipnir. The eight legs refer to the eight months of the teutonic solar / lunar year. It had eight months of one and a half moon. The time between the years were called 'the twelve nights' or the Yule-time. This period started with Sinterklaas and ended with Three Kings or New Year.

When Christians started the conversion of pagans to Christians, they changed the festivities. So Odin who rode on a horse through the sky became a Catholic bishop riding his horse over the roofs of the buildings. That is not an ordinary thing for a bishop.

During the twelve nights there were initiations of boys who came into puberty. (This is the period of the Yule-time, between Sinterklaas and Three Kings.) Young men (men before marriage) painted themselves completely black and took the boys from their families, put them in leather bags and hung them in trees as sacrifice to Odin. The boy in the bag died (symbolically) and a young man with a new name was reborn. These young men were painted black to represent Chthonic spirits. There was no racist element at that time.

In Germany Sinterklaas had a co-worker called Ruprecht. Translated in English it should be 'Reproach-right'. In the Germanic tradition they were the Jolasveinar : Yule young men. These were young men, unmarried and free. Those were the men who painted themselves black and gathered the young boys for initiation. During the period of Yule they had reproach-right. On horseback they rode to farms ans villages and reproached every adult that had misbehaved in the past year. They only did this in the Yule-time, the time between the years, when normal order was abolished.


The Christians turned this initiation in a Christian feast.

At some point 'zwarte piet' was introduced. Perhaps by someone who had heard about the way our ancestors celebrated the feast. The ancient 'Black Perchts' symbolised independent spirits. The new zwarte piet (black peet) was indeed a slave. On the dutch version of wikipedia it is claimed, that zwarte piet was INTRODUCED by a teacher Jan Schenkman in 1850 with a book. There is no evidence for that. There is a book, yes. But most likely he just wrote down what people already did at that time. It seems more likely that zwarte piet as a slave was introduced when the Dutch grew rich with slave-trade.

North of the mainland of the Netherlands, there is a small Island, Texel, on which people celebrate 'Ouwe Sunderklaas', a more pagan variant of Sinterklaas. It is likely, that around 1850, there were a lot of pagan varieties in small communities in the Netherlands. It could be, that Jan Schenkman got inspiration from some small communities.


Tormenting minorities

Some people have a tendency to humiliate subjugated people.

One reason for the violence of the IRA in northern Ireland were the orange parades. Protestants held marches through Catholic neighbourhoods just to humiliate them.

In the Netherlands zwarte piet is used to humiliate coloured people. This was not so some years ago. Most white people did not realize the racist implications of zwarte piet. When coloured people started to complain, some white's realized an opportunity to show their superiority. Some white guy started a campaign in favour of zwarte piet and the website got 2 million likes in a matter of days. That should be considered as deliberate racism.


Position of minorities in the Netherlands.

The Dutch authorities have a strong inclination to discriminate between 'people like them' and 'others'. When you are different, they behave like bigots.

To make this very clear: I am not black or coloured. I am white and all my grand-parents were white and Dutch. I am not from an ethnic group that has been discriminated for generations. So there is no prejudice towards the Dutch from my ancestors. I changed my view of the Dutch authorities because of deliberate discrimination I have experienced by Dutch civil servants and Dutch politicians.

I have come to the conclusion, that the Netherlands do not have a state of law but a state of favours. The Dutch have developed a very insidious policy they call 'gedoogbeleid' (toleration policy). The Dutch authorities tolerate violations of the law in a systematic way and only uphold the law when they feel like it. When you belong to the superior natives and you complain about something, the law is enforced. Or new laws are made instantly.

Quite recently we had no laws against stalking. Then a member of parliament became a victim of stalking. In only a few months there was a new law, custom made for this superior native.

The politicians in the Netherlands pretend to care about minorities and they pretend to be against Geert Wilders. And they say: "We can not do anything against Geert Wilders, he acts within the law." When it suits them, they come up with a new law in a matter of months. Custom made to protect their own. But when it comes to protecting minorities against systematic bullying and even a proclamation of Geert Wilders, that he will remove 50 million Muslims from the planet Earth, they do nothing. In fact there are laws to neutralize Geert Wilders. When someone proclaims, that he will remove 50 million Muslims from the planet Earth, it is obvious that he is insane and a threat to public health and safety. In the Netherlands we have a system that keeps dangerous lunatics in a psychiatric institution for as long as needed. It is called TBS. It is possible to keep Geert Wilders in psychiatric care for the rest of his live. But the public prosecutor doesn't do much and the politicians refuse to improve the laws to protect minorities. This inactivity tells the truth. It is not just Geert Wilders and his gang. The whole political system is at fault.

Minorities have no real access to the law. The law has been made extremely complicated. We are held hostage by lawyers. The law has become a maze. You need a lawyer to guide you through that maze. This lawyer demands an enormous amount of money for his services, without any guarantee.



The political system in the Netherlands should be called 'Polder-fascism'. According to the 'polder-model' things are done without laws as a result of gentlemen-agreements between the Dutch government and social partners.

Polder-fascism means, that the government tolerates the behaviour of the social partners without interference. Groups of superior natives do the dirty work and the government tolerates everything. Except when a minority strikes back. Then the government tolerates nothing. It is somewhat like the agreement between the SA and the German government before 1933.



Below you find examples of discrimination by the Dutch authorities against me. There are many people in the Netherlands that had to endure much more. But when you accuse the authorities of discrimination, racism, bigotry and even fascism, you have to have your facts straight. When I use myself as example, I know all the facts. When I use other people as an example, the facts are not so clear. And it would be wrong to violate the privacy of other people to indict the political system of your country. That is the reason why I use my own case for the examples below.

I like to emphasize, that I am white and that my parents belonged to the superior natives, and that I am privileged when compared to Muslims or Moroccans. Muslims and Moroccans are much more discriminated than me. I do not write this to get sympathy or support. I write this to clarify the basics of discrimination of minorities in the Netherlands and the insidious role played by the Dutch authorities.


First example:

In 1999 the magazine Panorama wrote about me, that I was a right-wing extremist and the leader of a cult. They put me in line with Charles Manson. They had not asked me anything, did not even bother to tell me that they wrote about me. They just copied some of the slander about me from the internet of a person Harry Westerink. Harry Westerink is a left-wing extremist who writes slander of every group that has some believe or religion, just because he is against religion. I asked a lawyer to sue Panorama and Harry Westerink. This lawyer had the decency to advise against it. He stated something like this. And I consider this VERY important. He said:

"Andreas, it will cost you at least 5000 gulden. If the ruling of the judge is completely in your favour, you will get 1250 gulden as retribution. At most. In the best-case scenario you will loose 3750 gulden. For that money you can hire an Albanian hitman." (The last sentence was meant as a joke, but it underlines the situation.) When I asked another lawyer, that lawyer thought that the first lawyer had been very optimistic about the outcome of the trial.

The example above illustrates the absence of a state of law in the Netherlands. The authorities only grant favours to the superior natives. Civil court is only for those who have the money to buy 'justice'. That would be the superior natives.


Second example:

In the incident mentioned above I also filed a complaint at a police-station about Panorama and Harry Westerink. The case was dismissed by Officier van Justitie (Public Prosecutor) P. Velleman.

In his dismissal of my complaint against Panorama he wrote among other things the following: According to P. Velleman "I had it coming". To illustrate his point, he cited quotations from a magazine dating back 1988. Quotations that I never made but were contributed to me by that magazine. In legal terms, these kind of quotations are 'hear-say' and have no place in the law. P. Velleman stated:
"Panorama writes, that you say the white race is superior. This is in principle offensive. But under the given circumstances I see no reason for penal intervention. ... You cite a writing. I can not find in that writing evidence that you do not believe in the superiority of the white race."
What about not guilty until proven guilty?
"About complaints now or in the future about discrimination of Germanen (Native Europeans). We will never take them seriously. There are no Germanen. Nor are there Batavians, Romans or dolmen builders."

See: Velleman Panorama page 1

In his dismissal of my complaint against Harry Westerink he wrote among other things the following: "When one say things that can give the impression that one has ideas of right-wing extremism, then one is responsible when other people start to think that one is a right-wing extremist. In my opinion I don't say to much, when I consider your view of the world and your ideas as eccentric bordering on the bizarre."

See: Velleman Westerink page 1



I base my religion on old Icelandic sagas. The Nazi's did that to. So according to the Dutch authorities I am a Nazi and I believe in white supremacy. The truth? In my writings I stated:
"Only a very few people left Africa and colonized the world. Inuit, Native Americans, black natives from Australia, white people from Sweden have the same genes with minor differences. When you call for 'racial purity' you in fact call for inbreeding."

In 1988 I made the mistake to give an interview to a magazine. The journalist did not bother to record the interview. From his memories of the interview he wrote it down. And he contributed a lot of his own ideas to me.
11 Years later ( !!! ) this was used against me by this Public Prosecutor. Why? All those who do not belong to the superior natives are "C..t-Moroccans and 'other trash'". I once belonged to this superior natives, but I had the audacity to turn my back to them. That is high treason. So I had it coming.

I complaint about this with the Commissie voor justitie van de tweede kamer (Committee of justice of the Parliament). They wrote back, that they had received my complaint. Nothing else.


Third example:

The Dutch have invented gedoogbeleid (toleration policy). They tolerate infringes on the law on a regular base, and only uphold the law when it suits them. To torment minorities for example.


Civil servants abuse toleration policy to persecute people with a different religion:

A complete version of this case you can find on the site in the Dutch languagean: Voedings en Waren Autoriteit discrimineert en beledigt I will give you a brief overview in English.



In 2003 I started a small web shop for my students. With this website I offered high quality capsules with herbs with healing properties. I did not advertise. Only a few people bought online in 2003.

On the website there where statements like:

ALFALFA, to be used at: Menopause complaints, anaemia, prevention of osteoporosis.

Because of its iron content Alfalfa is also suitable for general fatigue and anemia. A regular intake of Alfalfa also helps to prevent high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

On 30 June 2003 the civil servant Annette Tragter came to my house with complaints about my website. What I wrote was considered against the law. Tragter behaved extremely offensive. She told me, that she had studied my website intensely. She was aware of the fact that Panorama (a magazine) had called me an extreme-right cult-leader and that Panorama had to rectify this. Her colleagues had advised her not to go alone, she stated. She had been at my house before at 26 June with a colleague, but I was not at home. That is what she stated. Peculiar that she turned up 30 June all alone.

During her visit she stated more than once that she was interested in Witchcraft. I do not know if she wanted to offend me or that she was sexually frustrated. She hinted on sexual magical initiations. I am not a Witch. The Circle of Light and Love is not about witchcraft or old religion.

She stated: selling herbs and making statements of any good use of these herbs is a violation of the new regulations of the European Union. I stated to her, that it is impossible to keep up with the diarrhea of regulations of the EU but that it would have been enough to send me an email. A half hour after she left my website was in accordance with the regulations of the EU. Still I was fined with 680 euro.

In most cases entrepreneurs are first warned and only after several warnings they get a fine. On 6 September 2003 the newspapers reported, that civil servants had checked restaurants, found that they sold tap water as mineral water and that they only received warnings.

On the webpage Voedings en Waren Autoriteit discrimineert en beledigt I give several examples of toleration policy of the Dutch authorities. Not applying this toleration policy in my case is a strong example of the systematic discrimination of minorities in the Netherlands.

According to human rights I am entitled to a fair trial and I should get legal aid. I had the possibility to go to court against this fine of 680 euro. I should bring my own lawyer and pay for it myself. The court was in Rotterdam, three hours away from were I lived. So the court would cost me a day and I would have to pay for a lawyer. Going that road would mean punishing myself with much higher costs than 680 euro. So I did not have a fair trial. I would suffer anyway.

I wrote about this to the Minister responsible for that organization. I did not get any response.

At 22 December 2003 I wrote to the Staten Generaal (the Parliament) in which I informed them about the misbehaviour of the Dutch authorities. They did not respond. See: Brief aan de De leden der Staten Generaal


Fourth example:

In 2007 the journalist Daan Westerink of "de Volkskrant" started a hate-blog against me on the website of "de Volkskrant". When I responded, my blog was removed from the website of "de Volkskrant" (a small newspaper for left-wing extremists). I filed a complaint of discrimination at the Commissie voor Gelijke Behandeling ( Committee of Equal Treatment). This Committee refused to consider my complaint. They wrote 18 April 2007:

"You did not specify your religion. After viewing your website, the Committee believes, that in your convictions about life there is no Supreme Being. So you don't have a religion. According to our rules, a Philosophy must be shared with other people. (You can not have a Philosophy when you are alone.) You write (on your website) that the Circle of Light is a one-man company. So you have an individual opinion and not a Philosophy. This means that we can not examine your complaint."

Note: A copy of the letter of the Committee of Equal Treatment can be found here:

Discrimination and bigotry of the Committee of Equal Treatment page 1

The Committee did not want to examine my complaint, because they did not want to rule in my favour. They were just looking for an excuse to wriggle their way out. If we take them seriously, you can not have a company of one person and have a Philosophy. The whole reasoning of these thugs is something for stand-up comedy, not for official policy. Unless we consider the Dutch authorities as stand-up comedians. That is what they appear to be, except that they are not funny.

The United Kingdom Supreme Court ruled on 11 December 2011:

"Unless there is some compelling contextual reason for holding otherwise, religion should not be confined to religions which recognise a supreme deity. First and foremost, to do so would be a form of religious discrimination unacceptable in today's society. It would exclude Buddhism, along with other faiths such as Jainism, Taoism, Theosophy and part of Hinduism. The evidence in the present case shows that, among others, Jains, Theosophists and Buddhists have registered places of worship in England. Lord Denning in Segerdal [1970] 2 QB 697, 707 acknowledged that Buddhist temples were "properly described as places of meeting for religious worship" but he referred to them as "exceptional cases" without offering any further explanation. The need to make an exception for Buddhism (which has also been applied to Jainism and Theosophy), and the absence of a satisfactory explanation for it, are powerful indications that there is something unsound in the supposed general rule. Further, to confine religion to a religion which involves belief in a "supreme deity" leads into difficult theological territory. On the evidence of Mrs Wilks, Scientologists do believe in a supreme deity of a kind, but of an abstract and impersonal nature. Ideas about the nature of God are the stuff of theological debate." See: United Kingdom Supreme Court


Fifth example:

I have a company beside my religion. With the company I sell meditations and take care of tax. Since I have a company, I must be known at the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce). The Kamer van Koophandel sells information about me to private companies, that publish this data on the internet. So my phone-number and home-address are online, linked with my name and linked to the Circle of Light and Love. If I would apply for a job, the employer would find a lot of information about me. This makes it impossible for me to find a regular job. Until about 2005 I was able to have regular jobs in ICT. I just kept my religion to myself and just did my job. Talking about religion is not what I did or do on a job. Thanks to the Dutch authorities I can no longer find a job.

There are laws against publishing personal information on the internet. There is a committee (again !!!) which handles privacy protection: College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens. There is an Autoriteit Consument en Markt which handles the behaviour of companies against consumers.

I first filed a complaint about violation of my rights at the Autoriteit Consument en Markt. On 27 February 2014 they wrote: "You are an entrepreneur so we can not examine your complaint." Fact is: I am a person and a consumer. I filed the complained as a person and consumer.

Then I filed a complaint at the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens. They acknowledged my complaint 27 March 2014. In my complaint, I made it clear that the publication of my personal data is a violation of the Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Law Protection Personal Data) Specific a violation of articles 8, 9, 10, 16, 27, 28, 34 lid 1. According to articla 49 lid 1 and lid 2, i suffer because of this violations and I am entitled to compensation of damage. According to article 75 lid 1 these companies should be fined with a fine of the third category. At least. Since these companies violate the law intentionally, they should be punished with jail-time according to article 75 lid 2 or a fine of the fourth category. According to article 75 lid 3, these companies are guilty of a felony and not a misdemeanor.

On 2 June 2014 they ruled: "Your complaint is not important. We will not uphold the law in your situation." Of course they used a lot more words (three pages) for this ruling.


Sixth example:

In 2003 I got fined because the authorities wanted to fine me. See third example. I am working on a new website which links companies selling ecological products with consumers. The European Union has new general rules about "making medical claims".

The Netherlands state this: Hoe (verboden) medische claims te vermijden

"Een website waarop een levensmiddel wordt verhandeld of aangeprezen, mag niet ergens anders op die site medische informatie bevatten over deze waar of enig ingrediënt hierin. Een website met levensmiddelen mag niet met een link verwijzen naar pagina's buiten de website met medische informatie over deze levensmiddelen. Het maakt niet uit wat de aard is van die medische informatie: ook een link naar een pagina van een medisch wetenschappelijk vakblad beschouwt de NVWA als een ontoelaatbare medische claim. Ook medische claims bij producten in de vorm van een chatbox op internet zijn verboden."


"If you have a website with an advertisement about chocolate and on another page of that website there is a link to a scientific publication of a University about health-benefits of chocolate, you violate the law."

If you are a superior native, perhaps we give you a warning. When you belong to the "C..t-Moroccans or 'other trash'" you will be fined with no less than 30000 euro.

Since I know how the Dutch authorities like to treat me, I am in trouble. What they write is a gross violation of Freedom of expression. They threaten with punishments, severe punishments. One magazine was warned and threatened with a fine of 30000 euro (thirty thousand). They wrote about health benefits of chocolate and in the same magazine there was an advertisement for a bar of chocolate. See: De NVWA muilkorft journalisten

If I had done such a thing, it would not have been a warning. And I would not get a fair trial. I am a member of a despised minority.

To circumvent even a slight violation of the law, I asked the NVWA (The authority dealing with this) for more information. On 13 April 2014 the send me an email, saying that they would answer my question within four weeks. I did not get any answer.

On 1 July 2014 I asked again. Now I got an answer the same day. They wrote: "De NVWA kan alleen op feiten reageren en niet op fictieve situaties. De NVWA kan dus niet op voorhand zeggen hoe zij een bepaalde beschreven situatie zou beoordelen. Het kan al naar gelang de feiten en omstandigheden verschillen van geval tot geval." ("The NVWA can only respond to facts and not to fictive situations. The NVWA can not beforehand state how it will respond to the situations you describe. It can differ from case to case, depending on facts and circumstances.")

So they say, that I should just use my Freedom of expression and start a website. Then they will examine my website, find something to really hurt me and then fine me for 30 thousand Euro or more. My experience of 2003 with the predecessor of de NVWA gives me reason to interpret the answer of the NVWA in this way.

They claim the freedom to violate human rights whenever they feel like it. If one belongs to the superior natives, they do not uphold the law. If they can not avoid it, they give superior natives a friendly warning, even if they swindle their customers. When you belong to the "C..t-Moroccans and 'other trash'", they abuse the law and European regulations to abuse their victims with economic and social violence.

They refuse to answer questions about situations before they occur, since they do not want to advertise the fact, that their "laws" are unlawful and a violation of European Rights.

They hide behind European Regulations and agreements. But the Dutch interpretation of the European agreements goes much further than the agreements. When people complain, they blame the European Union. But the thugs are the superior natives of the Netherlands.



19 October 2007 I wrote about my situation to prime-minister Balkenende. 8 November 2007 he wrote back, that he could not do anything for me.

2 November 2013 I wrote to the current prime-minister Rutte. 28 November 2013 I received an answer, saying that my complaints would not be examined.


General observations:

From 1999 until now the Dutch authorities have discriminated me again and again.

Let this be very clear:

  • I am white, my grand-parents were all white and Dutch, I am well educated.
  • Compared to most other minorities in the Netherlands I am privileged.
  • Compared to most other minorities in the world, the minorities in the Netherlands are privileged.
  • Compared to most people in the world I am at least wealthy.
  • I do not complain about my actual living situation.

But I do have severe grievances about the way the superior natives of the Netherlands behave towards minorities and about the way Dutch authorities behave towards individual members of minorities.

I have dark hair and (for a white person) a dark skin. Quite often people have thought I was a foreigner. In 1984 I was walking on the market in Rotterdam. Behind me was a white youth with his girlfriend. In a loud voice he stated: "I hate these Turks, I want to kick them". It was obvious he meant me. That was 1984, when a lot of people in the Netherlands were really against racism. 30 Years later the situation is far worse. Not like Mississippi 1964. But give the Dutch another decade of decay and ...

I do not really know how it is to be a Moroccan or a Turk in the Netherlands. But I do realize that they are really discriminated and considered as "trash", as "untermenschen", as "unerwünschte Personen".

In the Netherlands we have the concept of "excuus Truus". That means a person of a minority that symbolises the superior attitude of the Dutch and their benevolence towards minorities. Like one woman (Truus is a name for a woman) in the "old-boys network". So we have some gay people on television, a few black people in politics, a Moroccan Musician. They are just for show. The grim reality is a reality of racism and bigotry.


Racism in the Supreme Court

On 6 May 2002 the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was murdered by a left-wing white person. He was sentenced to 18 years in jail. He is free now.

On 2 November 2004 the Dutch movie director van Gogh was killed by a Muslim, whose parents came from Morocco. After the killing the Dutch media and politicians had a lot to say about the lack of integration of Moroccans in the Dutch society. The facts:

  • The killer was integrated. He spoke fluent Dutch, had successfully finished higher education. And was more or less unemployed because his parents came from Morocco.
  • And he did what Dutch people feel free to do when you don't agree with someone. You kill them. Like Pim Fortuyn was killed. There are no examples of Moroccans killing people for their political views.

The killer was sentenced for life. He will not get free before he dies. Perhaps, when he is terminally ill, he will be released to die in a hospital.

Let us compare these two cases:

  • The man who killed the politician Pim Fortuyn is Dutch and white, he was not personally provoked and discriminated by his victim. There were no alleviating circumstances. Unless you have the opinion that being white, having blond hair and having Dutch ancestors are alleviating circumstances.

  • Van Gogh severely provoked Muslims again and again on purpose. At one occasion he projected Koran-verses on the naked body of a woman. For this movie he was advised by a former Muslim-woman Hirshi Ali. He knew what he was doing. In the USA there is the concept: suicide by cop. Someone forces the police to shoot him. The behaviour of Van Gogh should be considered as: suicide by Muslim. Continue to provoke until someone refuses to accept it anymore.

    The killer of Van Gogh was Dutch, but from Moroccan parents and he was Muslim.

  • On one hand we have a murderer from the superior natives without alleviating circumstances. He got 18 years and served 12 years. He is now free.
  • On the other hand we have a suicide-assistant from Moroccan-Muslim minority with severe alleviating circumstances. He was sentenced for life and will die in jail.

You should not believe that this is racism or discrimination. This is superior wisdom from superior natives, that can not be understood by primitive people.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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Mark Rutte, the prime-minister of the Netherlands, wants to return to the mindset of 'the Golden Century', when the Netherlands was 'great' in slave trade, colonialism, genocide, et cetera.

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