Who and what is Firewolf?


Existence before birth

The western society teaches children, that the physical body is everything. Your existence starts with the conception or with your birth and it ends when you exhale your last breath. If you have a different opinion, your are considered 'weird', to say the least.

In christian believe there is some room for the soul. There is not a doctrine for an existence of the soul before the birth of the physical body. When your body dies, your soul can go to heaven or hell.

My believe is different. In fact I should speak about my 'knowledge' and not about my 'believe', for I remember my existence before the birth of my physical body. I know! But for people who read this, my knowledge is for the reader something to believe or reject. If you have no clear memory of your existence before the birth of your physical body, I advise you to doubt this existence. I do not recommend blind faith. Reserve your judgement until you have enough evidence. And with 'evidence' I do not mean 'scientific evidence', but 'personal evidence', which is based upon personal experience, personal memory. From scientific point of view, personal evidence is not acceptable and personal memory is not reliable. There are scientific facts that we are able to produce 'memories' about things that never really happened. At least not in our common space-time-continuum. But from the personal point of view, your personal memories and your personal experience is all you have. There is nothing else. 'Science' as you know it and remember it, is only something in your mind. It is made up of your personal memories. Without your personal memory, there is no 'science'.


Illness of the soul and rejuvenation

About 8.000 years ago my soul became ill. The illness had something to do with women and with boredom. When you incarnate once or twice each century and you do that for thousands and thousands of years, you count a lot of incarnations. Much more than I care to remember. Since evolution on the physical plane is slow, it is quite difficult to keep up your motivation. When you see people making the same mistakes over and over again, you can become bored. That happened to me about 8.000 years ago.

The past 8.000 years have not been very good. Occasionally I had an incarnation in which I almost reached the level of 8.000 years ago. But most incarnations were just 'staying alive'. And often I was killed for saying things that were not acceptable at that time.

In the past 8.000 years this planet has gone through a very bad episode of its evolution. Now this planet is changing. And at the same time I healed myself. In my current incarnation I have reached a level that surpasses the level I had 8.000 years ago. In fact, I am better than ever before. I did go through a cycle of dying and rejuvenation of the soul.

From the viewpoint of my soul, my soul became bored and disappointed and experienced a sickness lasting 8.000 years. From the viewpoint of Atman (the Higher Self) it was a different story. My Atman spun itself in a cocoon of light and magnetism and withdrew from the world to transform itself. At 21 November 1992 my Atman completed its transformation-cycle and broke out of this cocoon. Then I started to rejuvenate my soul and my Atman. I pruned my Atman, like a gardener can prune a tree, cutting away useless memories. Slowly I rebuild my spiritual body and my physical appearance.

8.000 Years ago my name was Icewolf (or HrmVtnr). I had frozen my heart to survive the 8.000 year period of decay. Some people can predict a period of decay for the whole earth like most people can predict the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter. It is hard to predict exactly how cold a winter will be, but is is quite easy to predict winter between December and March in the northern regions of earth. In the same way it is quite easy to predict a period of decay for earth, like we have had the past 8.000 years. And it is quite easy to predict a period of rejuvenation for earth in the coming 12.000 years.

Freezing my heart was a strategy to protect myself against the harsh climate on earth during the past 8.000 years. But in the new period we can open up to light and love.

In the current incarnation I again got the name Icewolf, to remember and transform the past 8.000 years. During this process I developed a new way of teaching people in spiritual development. While I did this, I transformed my body and soul. I melted myself and got my new name: Firewolf.


My childhood

It was not easy to find a suitable family to incarnate. If I had been born with 'normal' parents, I would have become a 'normal' person. That was not what I had in mind. It was not possible to find ideal parents. I had to settle with parents, that were acceptable to my purpose.

The parents I selected were insane. When I was four years old, both were assessed by a clinical psychiatrist by order of a judge. My mother was diagnosed as 'psychotic, completely unfit to raise children'. My father sabotaged the assessment. The psychiatrist could not complete a diagnosis, but believed my father to be 'more detrimental for the children than the mother'.

My father and grandfather were free-masons. They were also involved with Spiritism. They held seances with a clairvoyant named Arenthals. Arenthals 'ordered' my parents to become vegetarian before my conception. So I was born a vegetarian. About a year after my birth my parents gave up on vegetarianism and returned to eating meat.

I was born in 1961. The first four years of my live I became the centerpiece of seances. The free-masons had found out, that there was power in me and they tried to tap into that power.

In 1966, when I was four years old, my parents divorced. The judge ordered psychiatric assessment of my parents. See above. Then the judge appointed a legal guardian from child protection services and decided, that I should stay with my father for the time being. At that time, a free-mason couple from Belgium lived in with my father. They were former Nazi's and had to flee from Belgium. As a free-mason, my father had to give them lodging. They were also sadists and loved to torment me.

In 1969 the legal guardian decided that he could not leave me with my father and this sadistic couple. So I was placed in a children's home. Which was not to bad. I stayed there until 1972.

In 1972, when I was eleven years old, the legal guardian placed me in my mother's care. From the perspective of a child, that was a strange decision. My mother was diagnosed as 'psychotic, completely unfit to raise children'. Living with my mother was like living in a mental institution without caregivers. But from the perspective of my spirit, this was exactly what I needed. My mother was strongly involved with Spiritism and Theosophy. In 1974, shortly before I became thirteen, she went to a Mazda-znan course. I went with her. Mazda-znan is a kind of Persian yoga. Mazda-znan thought me breath-exercises, exercises for the endocrine glands and the chakra's and an individual vegetarian diet. I immediately became vegetarian and started a very healthy life-style. I also devoted a large part of my time to prana-yama (breath-exercises) and meditation. Most days I dedicate two hours or more to mediation and prana-yama.

At the Mazda-znan course I met a representative from an old secret order. They stated, that it went back to the time of Mechi-zedek, but I have no evidence for this. I became member of this order and I received training and eduction to become a High Priest. This is one of the things this order has been doing for centuries. They select a young boy, train and educate him, and then send him into the world to bring a new kind of spiritual training to humankind.


This secret order usually does not allow its members to speak about the order. That is why this order is secret. Nobody knows this order.

Occasionally this order leads someone up with the intention to spread the knowledge of this order among the people. Occasionally is usually 'once every few centuries'. This person receives a special training, his contacts with the order are limited to a few older members. When this person is adequately trained, he is sent into the world to spread knowledge of the order among the people. All contacts with the order are then broken. The order can send messages to this person, because the person is known. But this person can not contact the order. In this way the order can not be persecuted.

The order has chosen me to spread their knowledge and trained me for that purpose. From the perspective of my soul, I ordered the order to give my physical being the proper training and education.


When I was 14 or 15 years old, I read 'The Secret Path' of Paul Brunton. This book shed new light on the body - mind - soul combination. Soon after I read 'Wisdom of the Overself'. See Paul Brunton.


Scientific training

In western society there is a lot of prejudice about spiritual people. We are supposed to be irrational, superstitious and unscientific. I have noticed, that most people who use the word 'science' do not understand the basic principles of science. 'Science' has become a verbal weapon against everything that goes beyond the physical dimension.

Many people find it hard to understand that I am a scientific person and a spiritual person. That does not fit into the image of the world, that people create in their minds. Since I do not fit in their minds, it is easier to deny my existence. 'A person like me is impossible, so I do not exist' seems to be the attitude of many people in the Netherlands.

When I was in the children's home, I got interested in alchemy and chemistry. I lend books from the public library on the subject. And I was allowed to buy a chemistry box for children and do experiments. I was about eight or nine at the time. When I was with my mother, she was on friendly terms with a young couple. The man of the couple was a chemist and worked in a laboratory. He noticed my interest in chemistry and helped me to build a laboratory in the attic. I bought more and more equipment and chemicals. Looking backwards, it is strange that I was allowed to do this. I was between 12 and 17 at the time. And I worked without any supervision with hazardous chemicals like concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide. There were no red flags with my legal guardian or teacher's at school. I suppose my spirit arranged my personal education and training 'from above'.

I also studied electronics. At that time there were a lot of 'electronics-boxes' for young people with all kind of experiments. I had a lot of fun building analogue radio equipment.

When I was 15 I had had it with school. I produced a rebuttal of Einstein, and nobody had a clue what I was talking about. Click here for Rebuttal of Einstein. So I decided to teach myself. I started studies in psychology and continued with physics and chemistry. I read a lot of books about the brain, neurology and endocrinology. Endocrine glands produce hormones, that effect the nervous system and our mind. I also studied Freud and Jung. I tried Adler to, but Freud and Adler are mutually exclusive. Then I read a writing of Jung, in which he 'explained' the same patient with Freudian psychology and with Adlerian psychology. Jungian psychology was more suitable for me, than Freud, so I dropped Freud to. And I combined Jungian psychology with behaviourism and transpersonal psychology.



I left home in 1978, when I was just seventeen. And I never went back. It is not possible to 'walk the spiritual path' and to stay in your village or in your family. If you want to transform yourself, you have to break the ties with your past.

My legal guardian tried to keep me under control. I asked the judge for another legal guardian, which was granted promptly. With this guardian I made a deal. I would be treated as an adult. When I needed something, I would contact the legal guardian. This worked out fine.

Until 1983 I continued with my studies and developed all kinds of skills. I became a silversmith and a carpenter. I cooked in a vegetarian restaurant and I worked in an organic food store.

In 1979 I followed a Silva Mind Control course, which was exactly what I needed. Silva Mind Control. In 1981 I made two trips to London for advanced seminars, which deepened my understanding. Before this I had experience with self-hypnosis. Silva Mind Control gave me much more insight and new perspectives.

As a result of the Silva training I started experimenting with mind machines. I had studied analogue and digital electronics autodidactic. With a 555-IC I made a machine that could deliver signals in a controllable frequency. I passed on these signals to a pair of LEDs in swimming goggles and two brass electrodes, which I connected to my ankles. An electric signal went through my body and at the same time, lights flashed in the swimming goggles in the same hypnotic frequency. Much later these machines came from the USA as brain machines and as TENS equipment.

At the same time (1979 - 1983) I created meditations on cassette tapes, which I used in combination with the mind-machine.

During my childhood I had been severely damaged. When I was 20, I had asked for psycho-analysis to transform my past. After an assessment, the psycho-analytical institute of Amsterdam declined. They believed, that my psychological foundation was damaged to severe and they believed serious treatment was to dangerous. So I turned my back to regular psycho-therapy and developed a better and more effective system. This system I call TRANCE-FORMATION.



In November 1983 I followed a four month training to become a computer engineer. After that I became support-supervisor for a computer-dealer for about a year. At the end of 1985 I became an analyst and programmer for a large bank. At the same time I studied at the Open University Computer science.


Nul-A: Non-aristotelian semantics

As a teenager I read a lot of science fiction books. The Nul-A books of van Vogt were one of my favorites. In 1984 I got a serious job and could afford to buy 'Science and Sanity' from Alfred Korzybski, the founder of Non-aristotelian semantics. The Nul-A training in this book matched the ideas of Paul Brunton (see above) and my mind control training.


The International Theosophical Centre Naarden (ITC)

Around 1981 I became connected with The International Theosophical Centre. I became a volunteer. At the end of 1986 I worked as volunteer on an old empty house on the ITC. It needed serious renovation. At that time I was living in Rotterdam, were I had not the right conditions for meditation and TRANCE-FORMATION. It was to noisy, there were to many people. I needed solitude. This house was ideal for solitude. It was situated in the woods of Naarden, the nearest neighbours were a few hundred meters away and there was little or no traffic. I asked, if I could rent it and I could. I could rent it from April 1, 1987. But because the condition was so bad, I got the key of the house in March 1987, so that I could start renovating before I moved in.

During my childhood I had been severely damaged. To heal myself, I created a system that I call TRANCE-FORMATION. See above. The house in the woods was ideal for TRANCE-FORMATION and healing. I lived there until December 1, 1999.

The first day I got into the house, I got a visit from one of the members of the board of the ITC. She demanded, that I would leave the house, so that her girlfriend could live there. I declined. From that day she started a slander-campaign and hatred-campaign against me. A year later, she got help from other members of the board and other people who wanted me out of there. I believe, they were under the influence of real evil.



March 1988. I had read about the ancient Germanic initiation of the Ulf-hedh-nar, a group of shamans. I decided to initiate myself like the Ulf-hedh-nar did. Or as closely as possible. The Ulf-hedh-nar were hung in a leather bag for nine days. The bag resembles the womb of Mother Earth. You die in a symbolic manner in that bag. And you are reborn as a new being, a shaman. I could not hang myself in a tree. That would attract to much attention. So I hung myself in a leather bag in my house and hung there for nine days. I can not publish what I experienced. I became a different person. This initiation broke the ties with my past. I really was reborn.


When people read this, there initial reaction is: This is insane. It is not insane but SCIENCE. I read about the initiation and I tested its validity.

The ancient Germanic people had several different types of Shamans. The Ulf-hedh-nar had the wolf as power-animal. (Ulf means wolf.) They are the original werewolves. The Bersekr's had the bear as power-animal. (Ber means bear.) They were initiated by burying them in a grave-mountain for nine days. These ancient people knew what they were doing!


After that initiation I changed my live completely. I quit my job as computer analyst and programmer. And I devoted all my time to develop TRANCE-FORMATION, Ygg-drasil® and since 1992 the Circle of Light and Love. I initiated a lot of people to the master-level, so that they could start their own circle. But only five really did that.



The secret order that initiated me, also taught me a lot of the shamanic practices and mythology of ancient Germanic peoples. From 1979 to 1993 I seriously studied the ancient people of northern Europe. Most interesting to me were the myths about the tree of worlds: Ygg-drasil.

In 1988 I started to create the course Ygg-drasil® Ygg-drasil is the tree of worlds. It has three roots and a trunk. These four parts stand for the four elements. Each of the roots and the trunk have a number of worlds, corresponding to the chakra's. The course Ygg-drasil® is a guided journey through your mind. You could see it as a Jungian journey. You meet a lot of archetypes and you trance-form these archetypes. (Trance-forming means: transforming yourself in a state of trance.)


The current version of Ygg-drasil® consists of 96 TRANCE-FORMATIONS of 30 - 35 minutes. At the moment they are only available in Dutch. I am working on the translation in English.

These TRANCE-FORMATIONS are a guided tour through the deepest layers of the collective unconscious mind. See: Collective unconscious.


Chakra Development and Spiritual Healing

At the end of 1990 I developed the courses Chakra Development and Spiritual Healing. With Chakra Development you learn meditations for the chakras to develop and heal them. With Spiritual Healing you learn to use your chakra's to heal the mind, soul and aura of other people using the power of your own chakra's.

During 1991 I gave a lot of these courses in hotels in the Netherlands. But during 1991 the Theosophical Society found out what I was doing and they started a slander-campaign. At the end of 1991 I had to stop organizing these courses, because of this campaign.


Called by 'God'

On December 23, 1991, performed a shamanic ritual. I went through 'the roof of the world' and met 'God'. 'God' appeared as a huge old and wise father that greeted me in a fatherly way. He took me in his arms and gave me new energy. Then he gave me a big thick book and sent me back to earth. This book symbolizes the new religion. 'God' has appointed me as his prophet to proclaim this new religion.


The Circle of Light and Love

So 'God' gave me 'a book with the new religion'. But the pages where empty. The book is a symbol. I received basic principles. But I have to translate these principles to actual teachings. That is what I have been doing since 1991.

After this vision I started the Circle of Light and Love.

  • THE Circle of Light and Love is an abstraction, it is not realized in the physical reality.

  • A Circle of Light and Love is an organisation of one or more people, who form a group and who try to turn these basic principles into an active force. A Circle of Light and Love is derived from THE (abstract) Circle of Light and Love. A (concrete) Circle of Light and Love is instantiated by applying the basic principles (Freedom, Peace and Friendship) to a concrete circle on earth. A circle can be a group of people but also one person alone.

Read more on the website of the Circle of Light and Love


Religion's age. Judaism was very modern 4500 years ago. But now the orthodox Jews are far behind. Christianity was around 100 AD very modern. Now it is hopelessly old-fashioned. The same applies to Islam. The more a belief clings to old texts, the more difficult the followers change and the more they get behind.

We are no longer nomadic shepherds. The old beliefs do not fit with the new era. You can keep good elements from old beliefs, but the structure of old beliefs and the dogmas of ancient beliefs are only blocks on the road to enlightenment and renewal. The new era requires a new faith. 'God' has asked me to offer this new faith. That happens entirely without obligation. We must completely reject conversion "too fire and sword" as happened with the old faiths. The following applies to the new faith: 'Take it or leave it!'

The religions before Judaism were decentralized. There were local temples of some deity with a few priests. There was no power structure. With the advent of Judaism, religion became a power structure. Christianity and Islam took over the structure of Judaism. Religion became organized around power centers: synagogues, churches and mosques.

The new religion has no power structure. There are autonomous Circles of Light and Love. Firewolf provides insights and recommendations, but these are offered without obligation. Each Circle of Light and Love determines its rules, its commandments, its faith, and so on. Circles of Light and Love are not connected through a power structure, but via meridians of Light and Love. Different circles work together with other circles that have similar ideals. This cooperation is a free choice.

Circles of Light and Love exist on the basis of three principles: Freedom, Peace and Friendship . Bringing these three basic principles into harmony is the task of every Circle of Light and Love. These basic principles are at odds with each other. Maximum freedom is at the expense of peace and friendship. Absolute peace is at the expense of freedom and friendship. Unlimited friendship is at the expense of freedom and peace. Again and again one has to find the balance between these three principles.

The ancient beliefs are hierarchically organized around a synagogue, a church or a mosque. There are old men who like to play boss and followers who have to serve. That sounds like a chimpanzee culture. There you also have bossy males. The big difference with chimpanzees is this: Chimpanzees have the intelligence to drive away old males and replace them with less old males. Many people kneel before sexually frustrated elderly people and live according to their judgement.

Religions are developed and maintained by old men. Old men tend to have less appetite for sex. So the creations of these old men have a strong bias against sex. Should you ask a boy of eighteen years old to give the basic principles of a new religion, he should probably start with: 'Thou shalt have a lot of sex!' Because of this strong bias against sex, the old religions have problems with sexuality. This new religion is supposed to correct that.

The new religion is structured as Circles of Light and Love.

A Circle of Light and Love is free and autonomous. The members of a circle decide for themselves how they live and what they believe. And a Circle of Light and Love is in principle democratic. A Circle of Light and Love functions more or less as a cell, with the master as the cell nucleus. All Circles of Light and Love together form an intelligent organism. They are organically connected.

A Circle of Light and Love is:

  • A group of people who want to create a good and wholesome environment with spiritual powers;

    • You can also create a Circle of Light and Love of one person. It is not necessary to meet regularly with several people. You can TRANCE-FORM alone. And with attention and devotion you can create an atmosphere of light and love around you. In articles, it is convenient to speak of several people.

  • An energy point on the earth. On the human body are acupoints, which are used in acupuncture and shiatsu. A Circle of Light and Love is in fact an acupoint on the earth. When Circles of Light and Love connect, meridians of Light and Love emerge. Through these meridians Good Thoughts, Good Feelings, Good Words and Good Works can spread and contribute to the healing of Mother Earth. Click here to go to the Circle of Light and Love.

Read more on the website of the Circle of Light and Love


Computer science

At the end of the 1990's it was time for a change.

During the 1990's the Theosophical Centre continuously harassed me with slander-campaigns and lawsuits to drive me away. January 1999 there was another lawsuit. The judge called upon both parties to negotiate a deal. Before that, I already had offered to leave if they would pay me 25,000 gulden for the costs of relocation. (About 10,000 dollar at the time.) In January 1999 they agreed. I got my settlement and I we agreed that I should leave the house at the end of 1999. December 1, 1999 I moved to a house next to a farm with cows. It was acceptable, but not as quit as my house in Naarden.

I needed to return to a normal job so I returned to programming and teaching IT. I worked for a IT school as Visual basic programmer and as a teacher. Later I worked as a database-consultant. At the same time I picked up my IT study at the Open University.


Hungry Wolf

At the end of 2004 I was unemployed. Then I could get a job as C++ programmer in the north-east of the Netherlands. I accepted that job and I bought a house at the Hongerige Wolf (Hungry Wolf). It is a little community at the utter north-east of the Netherlands, close to the German border. Here I could finish my training and education as shaman and yoga-master.

The house I bought was cheap and it needed renovation. Which was exactly what I wanted. You can find the details of this house and the renovation at weblog. The language of that site is Dutch. But most of it are pictures. And if you want, your browser can translate it.

The first thing we did, was to plant fruit trees and fruit shrubs. Now (2018) we harvest about 200 kg fruit every year.


Master training

If you want to become a master of the Circle of Light and Love, you can contact me for special training sessions. During these sessions you will learn:

  • Rituals to create a Circle of Light and Love and to cleanse your circle.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS (guided visualisations) to transform your 'lower self', your personality and your ego.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS (guided visualisations) to heal and transform your chakra's.

  • TRANCE-FORMATIONS (guided visualisations) that learn you how to use the energy of your chakra's to heal and initiate other people.


As a master of the Circle of Light and Love you can create your own circle and initiate your friends and/or loved ones.

Read more on the website of the Circle of Light and Love

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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