We log ip-numbers with the page that is visited from that ip-number. We use this data to find out which pages and subjects are most interesting to our visitors and to know how many visitors we get. We also use this data to meassure the effect of advertisements, when we advertise. We advertise as little as possible.

We will not distribute or sell this data to third parties. We do not keep this data for long: about three months.

We use the advertisements of Google. About Google:

Google can use data about your visit to our website to place targeted advertisements about goods or services which they think that could be of interest to you. If you want more information or if you want to prevent Google from using this data, click this link.

Communication through our webforms and privacy.

  • When you send a webform, your browser sends information about your browser and ip-number.
  • We do not use or keep this data under normal circumstances.
  • When someone abuses our webforms, we block the sending ip-number for further use of our webforms. We keep a table in our database for ip-numbers that are blocked for undesired behaviour.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf

I do not participate with anti-social media

I do not participate with facebook, twitter and that kind of garbage because of the privacy-violations and the anti-sociale behaviour of this anti-social media. Anti-social media stimulate autistic and narcissistic behaviour.


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