Blueberries / Red currants Cream

Cream, custard or pudding made of coconut-milk and fruit

During summer we harvest more fruit than we can eat. This goes in the freezer. With this frozen fruit you can make very nice ice-cream, pudding, custard or cream for pies.

For this receipe I used frozen fruit. You can grind frozen fruit in a blender. Often this works better when the fruit is frozen.

In case you have a championsjuicer, you can use that. The fruit comes out of the championsjuicer as a sausage-shaped icepulp.

Cow-milk or coconut-milk ?

Many people are allergic for cow-milk. I have no problems with dairy-allergy. But why use cow-milk when coconut-milk is better? In general coconut-milk is healthier than cowmilk. That is why I use rather coconut-milk than cow-milk. In many recepies you can replace coconut-milk with cow-milk.


  • 400 ml coconut-milk
  • 300 gr blueberries pulp
  • 300 gr red currants pulp
  • Variatiations:
    Replace fruit. See below. Change the amount of sugar according to taste.
    • 700 gr raspberries
    • 600 gr blueberries and blackberries
    • 600 gr blueberries and cranberries
    • 500 gr mango
    • 700 gr bananas
    • 600 gr gooseberries
    • 600 gr raspberries and black currants
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 50 gram cornstarch
  • 150 gr cane sugar
  • Optioneel: lemon juice and/or a little bit of salt, depending on the chosen fruit. In combination with bananas you grind and add: half a vanilla-pod with the contents of a cardamon-seed and some cinnamon.

Cream, custard or pudding ???

If you use less cornstarch, the result will be thinner. So you can make a delicious fruit-custard. More cornstarch makes the result more stiff. So you can make a delicious fruit-pudding.

The recipe above give a firm filling for pie, custard bun, etcetera. You can also spread it on rusks (in a very thick layer) and finish it with some fresh fruit and whipped cream.

You can put the cream in a dish, put pieces of fresh fruit on it and some whipped cream.
On the photo you see raspberries-koconut-cream with mango and whipped cream. Een heerlijk en zeer gezond dessert.

How to do it:

  • Mix the cornstarch with a bit of coconut-milk (or some water). Use a fork to mix well. You don't want chunks of starch in the cream.
    Add the egg yolks
    and whip them through the cornstarch.
  • Put the fruit pulp, the rest of the coconut-milk and the sugar in a pan and put this on the stove. Often I place a cooking disc between the fire and the pan to prevent burning of the food.
    Occasionally stir the mixture until you have a smooth mass.
    Add lemon juice, sugar and/or (a little bit of) salt according to taste. In the recipe there are red currants, who are quite acidic. When you use mango, a bit of lemon juice can improve the taste. Sometime you need a little bit of salt or some extra sugar.
  • Stir the cornstarch-egg-yolk mixture firmly and pour the mixture in the boiling mass of fruit-coconut-milk, while you keep stirring.
    It is essential that you get the mixture boiling. At the boiling-point the cornstarch looses its specific taste.

Our garden

At the moment our garden is about 660 square meters. On this we have two apple-trees, a plum-tree, thre hazelnut-trees and a walnut-tree. And we have 10 blueberry-shrubs, eight blackberry-shrubs, a row of five meters raspberry-shrubs, two black currant shrubs, a red currant shrub, two white currant shrubs, six gooseberry-shrubs, two vines, a loganberry-shrub and a jostaberry-shrub. And very much strawberries.

In 2013 our fruit-harvest was over 200 kg, in 2014 it was a little more than 215 kg.

Beside this we grow tomaties, peppers, pumpkin, courgette, parsnip, beetroot, and many leaf vegetables

In the future we want a bigger peace of land, for example a few thousand square meters in Germany. In the Netherlands, were we live now, land is very expensive, so we think about moving to Germany.

At the moment we are unable to raise our own energy and our own food. With more land this should be possible. The fruit-harvest is quite large. To grow enough groceries and to grow potatoes and corn, we need more land.

With Light and Love, Andreas Firewolf


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