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What is the Runictarot?

Introduction to the Runictarot

The Runictarot has three parts

There are 94 cards in the Runictarot. They are divided in three groups:

The Runes are divided in three Ættir

The norns or Weird-sisters

The 24 Runes are divided in three Ættir. Ættir means: 1. quarter of the heaven, direction; 2. one's family, extraction, pedigree; 3. generation. Ættaðr means: descended. (Geir T. Zoëga, Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic.) The 24 Runic influences are spun by the three norns or Weird-sisters. Each norn spins eight runes.

Some writers have stated that the three norns represent Past, Present and Future. I disagree with that idea.

You can compare the three norns also with the three Gunas from India. They are: Tamas (Urðr), Satvas (Róta) and Rajas (Skuld). The universe is woven from these three energies. One can see Tamas as protons, Satvas as neutrons and Rajas as electrons. Each atom is woven from these three energies.

Wikipedia about Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil® and the chakras and aura.

Yggdrasil® and the four elements

Yggdrasil is the Icelandic tree-of-worlds. Yggdrasil® is a correspondence course based on Yggdrasil.

See: What is Yggdrasil?

Yggdrasil has three roots and a trunk. They are linked to the four elements: Ice, Fire, Sea and Wind. In the middle there is our physical world, which is called Midgarðr or Middle Earth. In this world the four elements come together.

Yggdrasil® and the nine chakras

Yggdrasil® has nine layers that are linked to the chakras. There are nine chakras and nine bodies. Each body is connected with a chakra. The first chakra is connected with the physical body, which is connected to the physical world or Middle Earth. The other eight chakras are connected with eight non-physical bodies. Together these eight bodies are the aura, each body is a layer of the aura. The physical body is the smallest and most dense body. Then you have the sensual or etheric body, the emotional or astral body, the mental body, etc.

You can visualize them as Matryoshka dolls.

In the physical body the chakras take the form of nerve centres. In the sensual body they appear as radiant wheels, that transform energy of one frequency to another frequency. In the emotional body they appear as emotional centres.

Yggdrasil® and the first five bodies

The physical body is connected to Middle Earth or Midgarðr. The sensual body is connected to the root of Ice: Niflheimar. The emotional body is connected to the root of Sea: Vanaheimar. The mental body is connected to the root of Fire: Jötunheimar. And the Spiritual body is connected to the trunk: Ásaheimar.

There are 49 cards based on the worlds of Yggdrasil®.

Structure of the tree-of-worlds

The 20 court-cards

Four classes

There are four social classes in every society.

Since there are four classes, you can be born in one of these four classes. If your parents are slaves, you are from slaves or Shields. If your parents are leaders, you are from leaders or Swords.

Five roles or identities

You have your own identity. You can be a slave, someone who needs a leader to follow, to obey. Suppose your parents are leaders. Then you are a Slave of Leaders or a Slave of swords.

Suppose you draw a card for a person and it is the Warrior of Leaders (Warrior of swords). Then you know something about that persons heritage (leaders) and about that persons character: a warrior.

There are four classes. So you can be a slave, a freeman or freewoman, a leader or a warrior. But some people rise above any class. They excel. They are called Aces. If someone calls you an Ace, consider it a compliment.

The 'gods' of the Germanic people are divided in Vanir and Æsir. Óðinn, Þór, Loki and Týr are some of the Æsir. Ás is the singluar form, Æsir is the plural form. As I wrote earlier (with tongue-in-cheek): Tá-Róta means: the path of Róta. And the word Ace is of course derived from Ás. So the Aces of Tá-Róta are of course the Æsir. :-)

The Ás of slaves is Loki, who is completely without status, completely irresponsible. The Ás of freemen and especially of farmers is Þór. He is also the Ás of thunder and of fertility. The Ás of leaders and lords is Týr. Social status is very important for Týr. The Ás of warriors is Óðinn. Óðinn is the god of the sky, of the wind and of the Runes. One of his names is Runartyr: lord of the runes. He has one flaming eye, the sun, which he hides every night in the well of Mímir (the sea).

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